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Welcome to this post about how you can fix a broken succulent leaf. This can be a pretty hard task to undergo and fix. But since the succulent plant is known to be a pretty hardy variety it’s definitely worth trying.

Depending on the damage to the leaf we will decide whether it’s worth doing something about it or not.

In this article, we will also talk about how you can save a broken stem as that can directly affect the health of the succulents.

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How To Fix A Broken Succulent Leaf

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, the health of the broken succulent leaf will determine whether or not it can be saved. If it has completely broken in half then the best thing might be to just remove the outer part and then let the exposed surface callus.

The process of letting the leaf callus will make the surface start drying out and eventually it will stop and just stay the way it is. The likelihood it will grow out is very small since the plant will want a fresh and healthy spot to grow new leaves.

With this in mind then the idea of perhaps removing the leaf instead of letting it be on the plant is a good idea. It will give new room for leaves to grow out and with some patience, you will once again have a bushy succulent plant.

What is it that causes a broken leaf then? Well, in almost all cases it’s when something has come in contact and with force broken the leaf. Bugs and insects will very very rarely be able to cause something like that.

We also talked about a broken stem as that will affect the health of the leaves too. The stem is sort of the spine of the entire plant. If this one gets damaged then the health of the plant is endangered.

Depending on the severity you could cut the stem off and replant it on the surface of cactus soil. This might cause it to root in just a few weeks if you keep the soil relatively well-watered and in a sunny spot.

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Will Broken Succulent Leaves Grow Back

Succulent plants are one of the easiest plants to grow at home. They are incredibly efficient but they can really make a broken leaf re-grow. But that is not to say it won’t continue growing. Instead, it will find other places to grow instead.

The leaf will start to be callused and this is what saves the plant from having any diseases or pests establish themselves and eventually kill the plant.

We instead recommend that you cut off the leaf and give room to new leaves growing where the old one was. This will make the plant achieve a bushier appearance. But you should not be cutting and pruning the plant to encourage new growth.

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Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

Should I Remove Damaged Succulent Leaves

We have already talked quite a bit about damaged succulent leaves in this article and the impact they have on the plant.

The leaves will most likely not continue to grow. Because of this one of the best things you can do for the plant is to just remove the damaged succulent leaf. it will leave room for other leaves to grow there. 

This technique can make the plant look healthy and thriving again and it might even get a more bushy appearance. Most of the older succulent plants will have the issue of dead leaves at the bottom of the plant. This can be an issue as no leaves will grow there.

The more leaves the better generally speaking. They are what will take in the energy from the sunlight and disperse that throughout the plant.

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