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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how long you can expect an air plant to live. The short answer is somewhere between 2 – 5 years in total. But this difference is caused by whether or not the plant has felt it’s grown enough to start blooming.

If you weren’t aware, the air plant will start to bloom eventually and afterward start wilting and dying. But there will instead be a small lump forming at the bottom which will be the new plant. This plant then becomes the new mother plant and will live for somewhere between 2 – 5 years.

Follow along in this article below and we will also be discussing some of the good techniques you can apply to make sure you have a happy air plant. It’s one of the easier ones to start growing at home and a great option if you are a beginner.

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How Long Do Air Plants Live

As we said at the beginning of the article already, the expected timeline for an air plant is somewhere between 2 – 5 years. You will know that the plant won’t live for much longer once you see its starting to bloom.

When the air plant starts blooming it means it’s ready to start producing a new mother plant instead. After the blooming, the plant will be completely wilted and shriveled up after 3 – 4 weeks.

But you don’t have to worry about not having another air plant growing at home. There will be a small pulp starting to form at the bottom of the plant. This will form the new mother plant. It will just like the other one, live for somewhere between 2 – 5 years in total.

The best tips and tricks for caring for the plant will be to ensure the soil is kept very healthy all the time. This means it shouldn’t dry out too much. Keeping it slightly damp is ideal. But ensuring the plant also gets a lot of sunlight each day will help a lot too. We often recommend somewhere between 8 – 10 hours each day if you are growing the plant indoors.

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How Long Can Air Plants Live

As we revealed in the segment above here, the normal timeline for an air plant is somewhere between 2 – 5 years in total. But if you read carefully we said that the plant will start wilting once it has fully bloomed.

This means we can cut off the flower really early on and hopefully keep the plant going for a little longer. If you are lucky it can stay alive for more than 7 years in total if you keep up that technique. But letting it bloom and the wilt will be healthy for the entirety of the plant.

The wilting and starting to regrow a new plant is an act of resting for the plant almost. The new plant will come back with lots of energy which is not something we want to suppress for too long.

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How Long Can Air Plants Survive Without Water

An air plant can actually survive for longer than you might think without water. It’s naturally pretty used to soils where water might be difficult to get to. But as to not harm the plant in any way, it can stay good for upwards of 2 weeks in total before wilting quite quickly.

But if you have read our other article you would know that we often recommend watering the plant about 2 – 3 times a week to keep the soil nice and healthy, but also damp.

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