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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why your air plant might be starting to turn yellow in color. There can be a variety of different causes for this issue happening. Some of the more common ones are a lack of water and nutrition in the soil.

Those issues can make the plant quickly change in color and if kept up then the plant won’t be able to stay alive for too long. But there are other things that can cause the plant to also start yellowing. There could be an excess of sunlight each day. This makes the plant very tired and leaves yellowing is one of the first symptoms.

Follow along in the article here and we will learn even more about the amazing house plant that is the air plant. It’s one of those plants that are great for beginners since it’s normally a pretty hardy plant to grow at home.

Yellow Air Plant Indoors

Air Plant Yellow

Like we said at the start here already, the air plant is very susceptible to too much sunlight and soil that is too dry for too long. These issues are dangerous for a lot of plants and especially for air plants too.

The best condition for an air plant to grow in is soil that is slightly damp. This leaves a lot of nutrition in the soil for the roots to take up and make use of. It leaves a steady supply of energy for the plant to drain from.

If you are a beginner in the world of gardening then we recommend you take it slow and easy with the watering. Meaning to just adding small amounts until the soil has a damp texture to it. This will help protect it from getting overwatered. That could go the other way and cause the roots to drown and rot eventually.

The second reason we laid out for the plant starting to turn yellow in color was the fact it was getting too much sunlight each day. This is a process that might take a few days until you start seeing signs. We recommend trying to keep the plant in the range of 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day if growing it indoors.

Outdoors the exposure is harder and instead we should try and keep the plant in the range of 6 – 8 hours instead. This will help protect the plant during the warmest days during the summer.

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Why Is My Air Plant Yellowing

We laid out two main reasons for an air plant starting to turn yellow in the segment just above here before. The first one is a lack of water and nutrition in the soil that it’s growing in.

The second is about too much sunlight each day. These are the most common causes for the plant looking the way it does. But it can also be because of an excess of fertilizers in the soil.

We often recommend keeping a schedule of fertilizers every 4 weeks or so. That will keep the plant happy and with a constant stream of nutrition all the time. If you are using fertilizers too much then the large sum of beneficial bacteria in there will start having a diminishing effect on the plant instead.

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Why Is My Air Plant Losing Color

An air plant will start to lose color when there isn’t enough water in the soil. The lack of water causes the plant to start stressing as it’s searching for nutrition and energy in order to pass on to the rest of the plant.

The best fix for this is to make sure the plant has good soil to grow in. Check the soil with your hand to feel it’s damp and use fertilizer about every month or so for a good supply of bacteria and nutrition.

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