How Long Do Lily Plants Last

Welcome to this article that will be talking about how long you might expect a lily plant arrangement to last if you buy one from the store, or make one from your own flowers too.

We often say that 1 or 2 weeks is the normal time for them to last. But there are some tips and tricks we can make use of in order to make sure they stay nice for longer. This includes placing them in the right spot but also changing the water quite often too. These practices will make the plants almost start propagating in the water since we are caring for them so well.

Follow along in the article below and we will continue talking about caring for the lily plants. They are a great decorative addition to any home out there and should definitely be on your watchlist for the next flowers to get.

Peace Lily Flower
Peace Lily Flower

How Long Do Lily Plants Last

Like we mentioned in the first paragraph already, the lily plants will last somewhere between 1 or 2 weeks at most. But that is if you get them from the store and just let them sit on your living room table. 

If you can place them in a spot where the sun is shining quite a lot then that will help maintain the health and look of the peace lilies immensely. We highly recommend reserving a south facing window for this. The plants should ideally be able to get 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day in order for them to survive for longer.

Another trick to make use of would be to change the water quite often. We normally say you should do it every other day. But if you want them to stay good for a few extra days, then you should change the water every day instead.

As the water is left like it is, there will be bacteria in there starting to grow very quickly. If nothing is done then that will really start cutting down on the lifetime of your lily plants. 

The addition of new water regularly will also introduce new nutrition to the plants. This will keep them fresh and virbata for longer, which is something we of course want because we most likely paid quite a lot for them already.

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How Long Do Indoor Lily Plants Last

If you keep your lily plant arrangement indoors then you can expect them to stay good for at least 1 or 2 weeks. But if you follow the steps we layed out previously here then you might be able to keep them for another week.

To keep it short, the best tips for prolonging the life of your peace lily plants is to make sure they are getting a lot of sunlight each day. Changing the water will also be a dealbreaker, Try and do that at least every other day or so.

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Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily Plant

How Long Does A Potted Lily Last

A potted lily will last pretty long. If you are able to propagate it and have a good root system starting to develop then we can see them staying good for at least a few years. They aren’t necessarily a long term houseplant to keep.

But just make sure you are getting plenty of sunlight and also a lot of nutrition by fertilizing the soil every now and again. Those practices will help extend the life and also improve the health of the plant.

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