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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing a double flower on your peace lily. This is really not a bad thing. It can sometimes happen and it really just means that your peace lily is living a very happy life where you are keeping it.

If you are wondering whether you should change something, then the answer really is no. You seem to be doing everything right. But if you would like to maybe learn something new about cultivating a peace lily then stick around here.

The peace lily might not be the most common houseplant out there but is despite that a great option for beginners looking to get into this space of gardening. It’s easy to care for plants and it also shouldn’t be understated how beautiful the plant also looks.

Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily Double Flower

As we mentioned already in the article here, getting two or double flowers on your peace lily is not a serious issue or a sign something is wrong. Probably the opposite. The peace lily is really not the easiest to grow plants out there and will require some care to make it really work.

So to see that you are getting yours to flower not only once but twice should be a sign you are doing very well. The plant does have some requirements for where it’s growing and the type of care the plant will need too. 

The soil where the peace lily is growing shouldn’t be more than just damp. This will ensure the roots have access to water all the time. But keeping it in this state will also make it possible for oxygen to travel through the soil and eventually reach the roots of the plant.

Without any oxygen in the soil, the roots might start to drown which causes an array of different issues. One of them being black and molding leaves. Really not something that we want. 

Making sure the plant also has access to sunlight will be vital. We recommend reserving a south-facing window for the peace lily. Here the plant will be able to fully enjoy the sunlight and perform enough photosynthesis to generate energy.

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Can Peace Lily Have Multiple Flowers

A peace lily is actually able to have multiple flowers. But it will only really occur when the plant is growing in a very healthy spot and has access to a lot of sunlight, but also the right amount of sunlight. Getting these things right is what will make or break the success of your peace lily.

Try and keep the soil well watered but also well draining. It shouldn’t be pooling water at the top of the soil. That will just make it really difficult for the roots to survive. Adding some fertilizers to the soil is also highly recommendable.

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Peace Lily Flower
Peace Lily Flower

How Many Times Do Peace Lilies Flower

A peace lily will flower once per year. During the summer especially if it has all the right conditions for it. That means the temperatures need to be higher and the sun should be out more during the day too.

Try and use some fertilizers at the end of the spring. That will boost the nutrition in the soil and it might kick start the flowering process for the plant. That way we’ll have a beautiful peace lily flower and a very decorative houseplant.