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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how many pothos plants you should be growing in the same pot. This will of course depend on how large the pot is from the beginning, but for us, one plant will be enough.

This way it can develop on its own without competing with any neighboring plants. All the nutrients and water will be for themselves and growth can be more steady and sustained

Follow along in this article and we will be diving deeper into the topic of growing a pothos plant at home and what makes it grow even better. For us, the pothos plant is one of the best for beginners wanting to get into gardening.

Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun

How Many Pothos In One Pot

Just like we mentioned in the first paragraph of this article the pothos plant should not be grown with more than one plant in the same pot. This will make sure that the plant does not have too much competition that could instead choke the plant and eventually cause harm to it.

We find that the pothos plant will be growing a lot steadier this way as well. As the pothos plant is dependent like any other on getting enough nutrients and water each day from the soil, having competition will decrease the success rate of growing the plant.

But if you are just growing cuttings that will eventually be moved from the pot then you can definitely be growing more than one there. They will probably not have the time to interact with each other enough and have their roots tangled up

This way you could be growing almost 3 or 4 cuttings in a 10-inch wide pot without any issues. Just make sure that the plants are getting sufficient sun each day to make them grow faster and you can transplant them quicker as well.

Keeping the soil well watered and also in a sunny spot is extremely important for having the pothos plant grow great. Since we have already talked about the sunlight for the planet, let’s dive deeper into the watering of the pothos plant.

We recommend keeping the soil in a stage where it’s damp and wet. This will encourage the plant to continue growing and won’t be too much as to make the roots start to rot instead.

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Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun

Can You Put Multiple Cuttings In One Pot

Growing several or multiple cuttings in the same pot is very possible. Since these cuttings will probably at some point get transplanted and moved away as well. This means that the competition they will have with each other will be limited.

We would not recommend growing cuttings in the same pot if the end goal would be to have them there forever, or however long the plant will naturally live. The competition with each other could be detrimental to their overall health of them.

The water and nutrients present in the soil might not get divided equally and will instead go more to some and less to others. This will be showing up by the cutting developing unequally and it might not look as pretty as you would like to.

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Pothos Leaves Growing In The Sun

How Big Of A Pot Does My Pothos Need

The width of the pot will directly impact the growth of the pothos plant. We would recommend a pot that is about 10 – 12 inches wide and about 10 inches deep at least. This will provide plenty of room for it to develop and grow for a long time.

If you are growing a cutting of pothos in a smaller pot than this, then make sure to plant it in a similar-sized pot. This will make sure the plant is not shocked by the size it suddenly has access to.

Pothos Plant Growing Inside