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Welcome to this article that will be talking about growing a pothos plant with vines that don’t have any leaves on them. If the plant is starting to lose a lot of leaves the vine will not do a whole lot for the health of the plant.

The plant relies on having left as these will be collecting energy from the sun and without them, the necessary and vital process of photosynthesis will not be possible. If this is not happening enough then the plant can continue to grow and will slowly start decaying. This process has to happen and without enough sunlight, the plant will die off.

Follow along below in this article and we will dive more in-depth into growing a pothos plant at home. Despite what we said at the beginning of this article, we believe the pothos plant to be one of the best beginner-friendly houseplants to grow at home.

Pothos Growing Indoors

Pothos Vine Without Leaves

When a pothos plant is growing without any leaves then this indicates to us that something is wrong. The plant should not be growing this way. Note that the vines are not completely useless as they will be very good for further propagating new plants.

But they will not be enough to keep the whole plant alive. They need to have leaves on them to make sure they can perform photosynthesis. A vital process and the reason a plant could even survive. It’s when they are transforming the sunlight into energy and therefore being able to continue growing where they are.

With this said you will clearly be able to see that making sure the plant gets enough sunlight each day is very important. For us, there are a few guidelines we like to follow to make sure we achieve this. 

Growing a pothos plant indoors will require about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. But growing it outside this number goes down a little bit to just 6 – 8 hours instead. The concentration of sunlight is less and will therefore provide less energy for the plant.

When the plant is starting to grow vines with no leaves growing out from them then something is wrong. We mentioned that before in the article here. We would actually recommend that you just cut the vines off if they aren’t showing any signs of developing leaves. 

They won’t serve any use for the plant and will instead just drain a lot of the nutrients from the plant.

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Pothos Plant Growing In The Shade

Why Is My Pothos Growing Without Leaves

When your pothos plant is growing vines without any leaves then this is usually a good indicator the plant is not getting enough sunlight. A common thing that happens with plants not getting sufficient sun is that they will grow tall and leggy.

This will just produce an ugly plant that might not last a lot longer too. All plants are in need of sunlight each day to be able to continually grow and thrive in the environment they are in.

The vines growing from your pothos plant without any leaves will only be draining the plant of energy and won’t provide any use. The leaves are where vital photosynthesis is happening. Without them the plant can perform this and will slowly start acting as not enough energy is getting into the plant.

We recommend cutting off these leafless vines and placing the pothos in a spot where we know it can get a lot of suns each day.

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Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun

What Do You Do With Bare Pothos Vines

Like we have mentioned previously in this article there is unfortunately not at the lot you can do with these bare pothos vines except for cutting them off. They’re not providing any use for the plant except for just draining energy that could be used elsewhere. 

The leaves are where the photosynthesis is happening and without leaves, the plant will not have a long time left to live.

Pothos Leaves Growing Outside