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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s possible to overwater a strawberry plant and how often it will actually need to be watered. We find that the plant will do well during the summer if it gets it about every other day or so.

But this will of course be depending on the climate that you are living in. Perhaps it’s a very dry and rough climate to grow berries in, then you might need to supply even more water. The best guidelines are just making sure the soil is somewhat damp at all times. That has time and time proved to us to be the best condition to grow strawberries in successfully.

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How Many Times A Week Should Strawberries Be Watered

A strawberry plant will not really have a set schedule for it to be watered. It will all really depend on the condition of the soil. If it is very dry then we should probably add some water to it to help it retain its health again.

But when there has been raining recently then there might be a lot of water trapped in the soil. If we were to add even more then we might run the risk of killing the plant even as water chokes and drowns the root system of the plant.

As we said you should strive for the soil to be somewhat damp at all times to keep it in a  good spot. We find that only watering a small amount at a time will help with this a lot. We won’t risk the soil being overwatered or underwatered either.

If you are unsure if the plant has been over water then you can look at the leaves. if they are starting to droop a lot then they might be overwatered. But they will definitely have been if they turn black in color. As a general rule when that happens the roots of the plant are suffering a lot as no oxygen is going into the soil. That forces the roots to start rotting which then affects the entire plant in a very negative way.

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Should I Water Strawberries Every Day

During the warmest and dry days of the summer, you might be able to water the strawberry plant each day. But be aware that this is not sustainable because at one point there will be so much water in the soil the plant can’t make use of it.

The plant will hens start to change in color and might even start to rot eventually. This can happen fast and we, therefore, recommend that you always feel the soil before watering. If it is slightly damp then it will probably manage just fine without water. 

The strawberry plant is after all a pretty hardy variety that if left unwatered will not start wilting right away. But sometimes the topsoil might be very damp but the soil underneath could be dry. This will usually happens when there is bad drainage. That can negatively affect the plant as more and more water piles up.

To counter this, hold off on watering for a few days and see if the problem fixes itself as the soil dries up more and more.

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Can You Water Strawberry Plants Too Much

You can definitely water a strawberry plant too much. Like we outlined above here before, the plant doesn’t really need to be watered every day. That might just cause the roots to be overwhelmed and not get access to enough oxygen. 

That in turn will cause them to turn black and the entire plant will slowly start wilting and turn into soil again.

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