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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the possibility of growing strawberries in either a pot or in the ground on freeland. For us, there is a pretty obvious winner. Growing it on freeland can never really beat doing it in a pot.

The room the plant suddenly has access to is greatly limited in a pot. For the longevity and health of the plant, we recommend that you try and grow the plant in freeland if you have the option. We don’t want to discourage you however with this as the plant will definitely do well growing in a pot too if you know what you are doing.

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Strawberry Plant In The Sun

Do Strawberries Grow Better In Pots Or Ground

As we mentioned pretty early in this article here, the strawberry plant will do best if you grow it in soil that is on freeland. In a pot, you will limit the possibility of the plant has to expand. The health of the plant might be impacted but not to a severe degree. Instead, we are worrying about how long the plant can stay producing fruits.

But growing in freeland will also have its difficulties. We need to choose a great place to do it. If the soil is too dry all the time or the sun can’t reach it properly then we might run into some challenges.

So as criteria when deciding where to grow strawberries in the ground then we need clear sight of the sun. But when we water the soil, the water shouldn’t be staying at the surface of the soil. That just means the roots will have a hard time getting it up. It might cause them to start rooting as not enough oxygen can get into the soil.

Having healthy soil is also very important. In the case of growing in a pot, the soil needs to be fertilized with man-made chemicals to keep the health high and the roots happy. In case you don’t want to use the manure of course. But in freeland, it’s easier to have healthier soil. We can add manure to the soil and have a lively population of worms and insects there. All that means is that the soil is extremely healthy and the plant will probably thrive there.

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What Is The Best Way To Grow Strawberries

The best way to grow strawberries will always be in the freeland. The area will be completely free and limitless for the plant to expand and establish itself. The soil will generally speak also be a lot healthier as it’s easier to have a thriving population of worms in it.

This is best done by fertilizing the soil with manure and compost. These things will produce a lot of healthy bacteria and nutrition for the plants to take up. It will then show up as the plant will grow faster and the berries on it will be larger. A win-win simply put.

But the downside of growing on freeland like this will be that we can’t hide the plants from the sun unless we set something up over them of course. Some summer days can just be ruthless on the plants as the sun is scorching and the temperature very high.

This can cause a lot of stress for the plant as it tries to continually grow and ripen the fruits. When this happens we need to nurture the soil by watering it quite liberally.

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Do Strawberries Grow Well in Pots

Strawberries will grow pretty well in pots but the best will always be in freeland where the roots aren’t limited by anything. But if you don’t have access to doing this then we recommend you get a pot that is shaped like an urn.

This will best emulate the way it would grow on freeland. The result will be a very happy strawberry plant that is able to produce plenty of berries for the seasons.

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