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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what the best container might be to grow strawberries in. We have found that the pots that sort of look like an urn will be the best performers. They have a great way of keeping the roots growing freely and just as they would do on freeland.

As for keeping the soil healthy and the plant overall it will be easier with something like this. Keeping the plant in the sun for many hours during the day will help it further establish the root system it has in the soil of the pot. We should mention that these pots can basically be found in all gardening stores across the country. Simply look at the way the pot is shaped and you will know you have the right one.

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What Is The Best Container For Growing Strawberries

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here the best container to grow a strawberry plant in will be shaped like an urn. If you want to go even above this it should also have some small holes hosing down the sides of it.

These holes will leak out water and make it look rather bad, but it is nonetheless the best shape to grow the plant in. The roots can really grow the way they normally would do on freeland. Shaped sort of like a large football or a sphere. This way we can emulate instead of having a straight pot where the roots will be dragging up along the walls of the pot.

These pots should definitely have some small containers underneath it to catch all the excess water that might be leaking out. This a good tip if you are deciding to keep it indoors instead of outdoors. Having a strawberry plant growing in freeland will always be the best, as the roots are limitless in their growth. But we also want to highlight the possibility of keeping them in a pot outside.

It won’t really do any harm in the long term as the plant will normally only live about a decade before you start seeing diminishing returns on the berries. Just make sure you keep it in a very sunny spot and always have the soil damp or semi-wet.

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Do Strawberry Plants Need Deep Pots

The pot that you decide to use for growing strawberries should definitely be rather deep. This will make sure that the roots can really develop and form a large cluster of sorts. But like we said in the paragraph above here, the shape of the pot should be like an urn.

This shape will make it easier for the roots to grow like they would on freeland, which is like a sphere or football. Because the pot is deep the roots will have a lot more wiggly room as well, and the main stem can dig even deeper.

The same rules apply however when caring for the soil. It should be kept from drying out. Instead, try and keep it somewhat damp at all times to keep the roots happily growing more and more. But a protip is to fertilize the soil about 3 – 4 times each year. That will boost the health of the soil and in turn also the health of the roots.

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What Is The Best Thing To Grow Strawberries In

The strawberry plant will grow the best on freeland. But when that is not an option than growing it in a pot will also be fine. Just make sure you have one shaped like an urn to help the roots grow the way they want to.

Other possibilities would be to grow it in a hanging basket or even in window boxes. Just make sure they get enough sunlight and the soil is never running dry.

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