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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s hard or not to grow a strawberry plant from just a seed. The fact is that it is actually rather easy. The seeds will pretty quickly germinate after sowing them, but be aware that the plant will not show any rapid growth.

At the 8-week mark it night is only about 1 inch tall. That is because the root system of the plant is trying really hard to expand as much as possible in the meantime. With that said we would definitely suggest that you give it try to propagate some strawberry plants from seed. It’s a really fun project to take on.

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Are Strawberries Hard To Grow From Seed

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, growing a strawberry plant from seed will actually be a rather easy thing to do. We feel like it’s a great project to get on and do at home. The plant will definitely stay good for many many years and can produce a lot of harvests if left in a healthy environment.

We feel like we should also include some timelines when growing a strawberry plant from seed. You can’t expect any fruits in the first year, unfortunately. That is because the plant is trying to establish a good root system at first. This will come at the expense of not growing any fruits.

But fear not as the plant will be having some the next year for sure. When you are growing a strawberry plant from a seed you really need the conditions to be just right. That means the soil needs to be well draining and also hold a lot of nutrients. 

We find that cultivating soil that is somewhat damp at all times will be the best. To achieve this we often recommend that you will be adding water in very small amounts at a time. A protip will be to fertilize the soil a little bit each year, 3 – 4 times seems to be the golden amount.

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Can You Grow Strawberries From Seed

You can definitely grow a strawberry plant from a seed. Just like we talked about above here, there is a really good chance it will also be a thriving plant. It has a few requirements like getting enough sunlight and having damp and well-draining soil.

Other than that the strawberry plant is a relatively low-maintenance berry bush to have at home. We believe it to be a great entry point for beginners that want to get into gardening. 

Plant the seed in a small container and wait at least 2 months before thinking about transplanting it. It needs time to develop a good root system that will support the plant’s future growth. You will also have a much smaller risk of it dying if you transplant it. 

Keep the container in a sunny window and make sure the soil is never left to dry up. Having well-watered soil beforehand will kick start the germination process a lot quicker. 

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Strawberries From Seed

The time it takes to grow a strawberry plant from a seed is usually somewhere around 1 year. But during this time it will not be producing any berries. That will instead come next year.

The 8-week mark is usually when we will want to plant it outdoors if we started somewhere in March or in April. Then the weather will be warmer and the risk of frost is completely over.

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