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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you could be fixing a leggy ZZ plant. This can be a rather common issue if the plant is not getting enough sunlight each day. The plant will naturally grow toward the light. That will result in a longer stem with fewer offshoots and leaves.

But there are some methods you could try and apply to hopefully make the plant once again grow in a more bushy way. That would be to find a much sunnier place for your ZZ plant.

Follow along in the article below and we will be talking even more about growing and caring for a ZZ plant. It hasn’t really gained traction yet for a houseplant but is nonetheless a great option actually for beginners. It’s pretty straightforward for caring and grow it.

ZZ Plant In The Sun

How To Fix Leggy ZZ Plant

Fixing a leggy ZZ plant is best done by trying to find a much sunnier place in your house. That will hopefully make the plant once again able to grow the way it should. As we mentioned, the reason for a ZZ plant growing this way is that it’s not getting nearly enough sunlight each day.

We recommend trying to get at least 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day for the best possible growth. But if it stays underneath that number then you will after weeks or even a month start seeing a longer stem with shoots and leaves growing from it.

If you are keeping the plant outside, however, 6 – 8 hours is plenty enough as the exposure will be stronger. The plant is not able to perform photosynthesis enough to generate energy for the rest of the plant when there isn’t enough sunlight reaching the plant.

That will cause the plant to try and grow towards the light to hopefully get enough. That’s what’s causing the plant to grow in that leggy way. You could try and place it in the south-facing window in your house. Here there will be the most sun during the day. 

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Green ZZ Plant Indoors

Should I Trim My Leggy ZZ Plant

Trimming your leggy ZZ plant is a risky thing to do. The plant is stressed when it’s growing this way. It’s not getting enough sunlight every day which is the reason it’s growing the way it does.

Trimming the plant will cause even more stress. It might result in the plant getting more yellow leaves appearing on the plant. But trimming the top part and splitting the main stem is possible to try and keep the leggy look down. 

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ZZ Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do You Make A ZZ Plant Bushier

Making a ZZ plant bushier is really best done by making sure the plant has access to two things. The first is enough sunlight each day. About 8 – 10 hours every day will be plenty enough. 

The second is about the nutrition in the soil. Plenty of nutrition means healthy and rapid growth for the plant. Using some fertilizers about every one or two months will help provide this.

ZZ Plant Growing Indoors