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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why there are black spots appearing on your ZZ plant. This can be a rather common issue among beginners with houseplants. The reason your ZZ plant is having these spots is that there is too much water present in the soil.

The roots aren’t able to get any oxygen since the water content in the soil is blocking all of it out. That makes them start drowning and afterward rotting. Eventually, this then shows up as the plant above the soil will start rotting too.

Follow along in the article here and we will continue the wonderful topic of caring for and growing a ZZ plant. It’s one of the best ones to grow as a beginner since the plant is rather resilient to common plant diseases and pests.

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ZZ Plant Black Spots On Stems

As we mentioned in the first part of this article already, the ZZ plant will not grow very well if the soil is significantly overrated. This just causes a lot of issues with the plant and makes it less likely to grow great. 

The high level of water present in the soil makes the roots unable to take up any oxygen. That will eventually make them drown and after that rot. If the roots are starting to rot, then they can’t drain any nutrition from the soil.

Without any nutrition being passed onto the rest of the plant then you will see black spots appearing. Yellowing leaves is also something that will happen. When the roots are rotting the most common sight above the soil would be those black spots on both the stem and the leaves.

Try and place the plant in a sunnier area to hopefully save it from all the water in the soil. The higher amount of sunlight will make the soil dry out quicker and maybe you will have some roots still intact and able to continue providing nutrition.

You might wonder then how you can prevent it and what the ideal condition to grow the plant is in then? To prevent any of this from ever happening we recommend watering in smaller amounts and letting that settle properly before adding more.

The ideal texture for the ZZ plant to grow in will be soil that is slightly damp. That provides enough water for the plant to constantly have any nutrition and access to it, but it will also let through enough oxygen too.

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Why Does My ZZ Plant Have Black Tips

The reason your ZZ plant is having black tips is that the plant is having too much water in the soil. This makes the roots unable to take on any oxygen. Which causes the roots to drown.

Drowning roots will start rooting afterward. No roots mean no nutrition. The first sign of this happening would be yellowing leaves which then turn into black leaves as the entire plant will begin to start decompose.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Mold In A ZZ Plant

Getting rid of mold from a ZZ plant is pretty simple really. We need to just remove the leaves that have been affected. That will hopefully mitigate any risk of the mold spreading to other parts of the plant.

If it’s on the stem, cutting underneath the mold would also be an option. Use some fertilizer for the soil though when doing that to soften the blow of cutting the plant.

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