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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you are seeing black spots on the leaves. This can be a rather common occurrence as the plant is getting way too much water in the soil. Watering the soil too much seems to be something common among gardening beginners.

Too much water makes oxygen have a hard time traveling through and reaching the roots. That in turn makes the roots drown. If you have roots that aren’t able to drain any nutrition from the soil then you will have issues. The plant can sustain itself and will begin to wilt instead.

Below in this article, we will cover the topic of growing and caring for a ZZ plant even more. It’s a great plant from the beginning. It will have a great decorative look as well as be rather resilient to common diseases.

ZZ Plant Leaves Indoors

ZZ Plant Black Spots On Leaves

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the ZZ plant or any plant for that matter will begin to have black spots as there is too much water in the soil. Water blocks out any oxygen being able to reach the root system.

All plants need oxygen to be able to grow and flourish. Without oxygen, the roots will begin to drown. If the roots have drowned they will start to rot. Rotting roots aren’t able to take any nutrition from the soil which causes the entire plant to start decomposing.

Just like the ZZ plant also needs plenty of sunlight it also needs healthy soil to grow in. If the plant isn’t getting any sunlight then it will first begin to grow leggy and after a while begins to fall over itself. 

As you can see the plant needs a proper balance and access to both nutrients and water in the soil but also sunlight. You might wonder what you could be doing to help prevent the plant from getting any worse if it was overwatered.

We have found that placing the plant in the sunniest spot will dry out the soil more quickly. With that, we might be able to save some of the roots. If we are lucky that will be enough to keep the plant going and you won’t have to start over from the beginning.

If you are seeing brown spots on your ZZ plant then you need to act quickly. There is something wrong with the growth. Luckily we have the solutions right here, ZZ Plant Brown Spots On Stems.

Large ZZ Plant In A Pot

What Does An Unhealthy ZZ Plant Look Like

An unhealthy ZZ plant will have yellow leaves caused by too much stress. Common reasons for too much stress are the plant not getting any nutrition or water from the soil. But not enough sunlight will also make the leaves turn yellow.

But too much sunlight will also cause the plant to turn yellow and look unhealthy. The plant will eventually begin to get sunburnt from this surplus of sunlight each day. 

If you are seeing black spots on your ZZ plant then you should definitely read this article, ZZ Plant Black Spots On Stems.

Green ZZ Plant In The Sun

Why Does My ZZ Plant Have Black Spots

Black spots on any plant are often caused by there being rotting roots under the soil. The same goes for the ZZ plant. When you water the soil too much for a prolonged period then you will begin to see issues like rotting roots.

To prevent this from happening water in smaller amounts. The soil should never really be more than just damp. That way the roots can get both water and oxygen in a good balance.

ZZ Plant Growing Indoors