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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing small brown spots appearing on your ZZ plant stem. This is a rather serious issue and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Most likely the roots have been overwatered quite severely and you need to dry out the soil more. This is best done by placing the plant in a sunnier area. Preventing this from ever happening again is also something important. Watering more moderately will be important.

Follow along in the article below here and we will continue to talk and discuss the topic of growing a ZZ plant. This is perhaps not the most common houseplant variety out there, but nonetheless a great option if you are a beginner in the world of gardening.

Growing ZZ Plant Indoors

ZZ Plant Brown Spots On Stems

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the plant is having these brown spots starting to appear because of one main thing. That’s because the soil in which the plant is growing has been very overwatered. This will greatly affect the plant’s health and if nothing is done the plant will shortly die.

We mentioned that the best way of preventing this from ever happening is to water the soil in more moderation. That means we should be using too much water at a time and risking having a surplus just pooling in the soil.

Instead, use small amounts each time. Make sure that the soil reaches a slightly damp texture. That’s ideal for the roots to be growing. They can still get access to plenty of oxygen in the soil.

Too much water blocks out the oxygen from reaching the roots. That will make the roots drone and afterward make them start rotting. When the roots are rotting they aren’t taking up any more nutrition or water from the soil at all. That will quickly affect the rest of the plant.

No new nutrition means the plant will stop growing and instead start decomposing. That would be the brown spots starting to appear on the plant.

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Small ZZ Plant In The Sun

How Do I Know If My ZZ Plant Has Root Rot

The best way to tell if your ZZ plant has root rot or not is by looking at the stem. If the roots aren’t able to pass on any nutrients from the soil because they are rotting, then that will show on the stem.

The stem will turn black and brown. Indicating that the plant is currently starting to decompose because its access to nutrients and energy has been cut off. To avoid this happening we need to be more careful with the amount of water we are adding to the soil. Too many cuts off the oxygen to the roots, causing them to drone and eventually rot too.

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Large ZZ Plant Indoors

How Do You Tell If ZZ Plant Is Over Or Under Watered

It might seem difficult to get down the technique of watering a ZZ plant properly. But it’s really not that hard. The plant will very clearly show if something is wrong and you can then adjust. It should be mentioned that the ideal texture of the soil is slightly damp when watering.

If the plant is underwater, the leaves will turn yellow. If you instead have overwatered the plant then the leaves will turn black and brown as they are beginning to decompose.

ZZ Plant Growing In A Pot