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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how you can make your monstera plant have larger leaves. The simple answer is that the plant needs more light. With that, the leaves will be encouraged to grow larger.

The plant is basically able to perform more photosynthesis which in turn will be able to generate vital energy for the plant that fuels the growth. This in combination with very healthy soil is the secret to keeping a monstera plant very happy if you decide to grow one at home.

If you follow along in this article here we will be talking even more about the amazing possibilities with the monstera plant. We will also touch more upon the topic of getting the leaves larger.

Monstera Plant Growing

How To Get Large Monstera Leaves

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant is one of those that will be getting larger and larger leaves the more light it’s getting. But there is a difference in what type of light it’s getting.

If the sun is out and the temperature is extremely hot then the plant will not grow very large leaves. Instead, these leaves will become sunburned as it’s struggling to cope with the environment.

But if the temperature is moderate and the sun is out then the plant will more than likely be able to survive and hopefully also thrive. The temperature can really affect the way the plant grows. Instead of stressing over performing photosynthesis, the plant can relax more and work at its own pace.

But like we also said, the condition of the soil is also one of the secrets in order to have a very happy and continuously growing monstera plant. The soil should be kept rather damp in order for the roots to be at their best. Fertilizing the soil is also another thing that can ramp up the speed that the leaves are growing.

We often follow a rule of fertilizing every 3 – 4 months in order to not drown out the roots. This will help make the monster leaves larger with time. Growing any houseplant will really be about patience as they aren’t really famed for quick growth.

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Monstera Plant Growing Inside

How Do You Make Monstera Leaves Bigger

Like we already revealed above here, the monstera plant will be able to grow larger and larger leaves the more light it’s able to get during the day. This will help improve the photosynthesis of the plant. Which is the process that generates energy for the plant in order to fuel its growth.

But there is a distinction to be made in what type of light the plant needs. If the sun is out and very bright with high temperatures, then the plant might just be stressing more than actually growing.

So that means we might have to move the plant back and forth from the shade in order to not have it be either sunburnt or witling. But, thankfully the monstera plant is one of the harder ones and able to handle the heat most of the time.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Why Is My Monstera Not Producing Big Leaves

When the conditions for the monstera plant have significantly gotten worse then that will be shown as the plant stops growing. The roots might have become too dried up as the soil is not watered enough.

The temperatures might have gotten cold enough to shock the plant which will also slow down or even stop growth. Keeping the plant in its happy place is really the key to making sure it has a good growth path ahead of itself.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot