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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the steps you will have to take when keeping a monstera outside in the summer. The monster plant is normally pretty hard but it can definitely be affected if there is too much sun coming onto the plant.

The leaves will begin to almost burn which causes the plant to be able to perform less photosynthesis, the vital process where a plant transforms the sun it’s getting into energy that feeds its growth. But with all that said, a monstera plant is a great thing to keep outside if you want some more beauty in your garden.

Follow along in this article here and we will learn even more about the care that goes into a monstera plant. We will also briefly touch on the topic of what to look for when the monstera might become sunburnt.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside

Monstera Outside In Summer

We talked about it a little bit at the beginning of the article here, but the monster plant is a great option to have outside during the summer. It’s very rare that you would ever plant it on freeland so having the option of moving it around during the day really benefits it.

If the sun is too strong and the temperature might be too hot then we always have the ability to move into a shadier area where it can rest a little bit more. This will help protect the plant from becoming sunburnt, which can be an issue depending on where you are located.

The plant will begin to change color on the leaves when there is too much sun on them. They will basically get burnt and won’t be able to perform photosynthesis, which as you might know is a process that plants perform to generate energy.

Without that, it will not grow at the same speed and the leaves might even begin to droop or wilt. But thankfully the plant is very hardy and it can simply be moved to a shadier area and have its soil watered a little extra.

We want to mention the importance of watering the soil when you keep it outside. The warm sun will be drying out the soil a lot quicker which in turn makes the roots have a harder time getting water. So we need to supplement it then.

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Monstera Growing In A Pot

Can Monstera Handle Hot Weather

A monstera plant can definitely handle hot weather. It is actually one of the best houseplants that you can keep outside during warm and hot weather. It will enjoy these higher temperatures and the speed of its growth might even accelerate.

But there are some negative sides as well when keeping a monstera plant outside during hot weather. The first one is that the leaves might actually become sunburnt. That is a very common issue among monstera owners.

As the sun becomes too much the leaves will begin to dry up and wilt if nothing is done. The soil will also be affected. The warm weather makes the soil dry up quicker and will therefore have to be supplemented with more water to keep the balance.

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Monstera Growing In The Summer

Can Monstera Take Full Sun

The monstera plant can definitely take on full sun, but you might have to be a little careful. The leaves of the plant are susceptible to becoming sunburnt. Which will very negatively affect the plant.

But as a rule of thumb, we aim to get around 8 hours of sunlight. The leaves won’t really be burnt until you get up to 12 or 13 hours of straight sun from the plant. Then you might want to consider moving it to a shadier spot instead.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside