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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you could go about pruning a ZZ plant. This is perhaps not the most common practice with ZZ plants as they will naturally grow in a rather bushy way. Making pruning not really necessary.

But pruning the ZZ plant from yellow leaves and whatnot in order to avoid any bad looks is something that we actually recommend you do. The plant does get these yellowing leaves rather easily if there is a vast amount of sunlight reaching the plant, or perhaps the soil hasn’t been watered that much recently.

Follow along in the article below here and we will continue the topic of growing and caring for a ZZ plant. It’s one of the best beginner-friendly plants since it’s a rather resilient variety to both diseases and pests.

ZZ Plant In A Pot

How To Prune ZZ Plant

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the ZZ plant really isn’t that common to start pruning. As with other plants you want to try and prune them in order to make them grow bushier. It encourages more offshoots on the plant and in turn more leaves too.

But with the ZZ plant it already really grows in a pretty bushy way, making it not really necessary to keep pruning and hoping for even more leaves. The plant is great to start pruning however when leaves are starting to turn yellow.

The plant will have these yellow leaves when there is too much sun shining on the plant. As most people will keep the plant indoors, it’s important we reach about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight every day.

When the plant then gets way more than that, the leaves will be stressed as they can’t make use of all the sun exposure. That in turn will start making the leaves yellow as the plant gets stressed.

Another factor that could turn your ZZ plant yellow is that there isn’t enough nutrition in the soil. You should consider trying to use some fertilizers for the soil. But watering the soil properly is also very important. The soil should never be left to dry out all the way. Instead, we should try and keep the soil slightly damp all the time for the best possible growth.

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Should You Trim Your ZZ Plant

Trimming a ZZ plant is not the most common practice in all honesty. The plant will grow naturally in a rather bushy way making the benefits of trimming and pruning not really worth it. 

Instead, we might just apply more stress to the plant causing yellowing leaves. Those yellow leaves however are the only thing worth really trimming. They won’t be able to perform any sufficient amount of photosynthesis.

The plant will also be looking a lot nice if you can trim away the yellowing leaves on the plant. The ZZ plant naturally has a rather green look to it, so keeping only those leaves will make it much more decorative.

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How Do I Make My ZZ Plant More Bushy

Making your ZZ plant bushier is really best done by making sure the plant gets at least 8 – 10 hours each day. That will ensure the plant is not growing in a leggy way. Which happens when it can’t get enough sunlight.

Make sure to use some fertilizers for the soil as well. That will provide plenty more nutrition for the soil, making it more prone to start growing leaves and finally have a bushier appearance.

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