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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what you could be doing if you have a broken plant stem on your ZZ plant. This is a really serious issue as the plant will no longer be able to grow. The nutrition from the roots is no longer able to pass up to the upper part of the plant.

Can if you act fast try and water propagate the broken plant stem. But since the ZZ plant will begin wilting and dying rather quickly, water propagating as soon as possible will be really important. Otherwise, we might run the risk of the plant simply dying instead.

Follow along in the article here and we will continue talking about the topic of growing and caring for a ZZ plant. Even though the plant can be susceptible to drought and too much sun, it’s still one of the best options for beginners because of the resilience it has to diseases and pests.

ZZ Plant Leaves In The Sun

ZZ Broken Plant Stem

As we mentioned in the beginning already here in the article, the ZZ plant can actually be water propagated if the plant stem has accidentally broken. But we need to act rather quickly if something like that happens. 

The main stem is where water is stored and where all the nutrition will go through from the roots underneath the soil. Without this main stem then it will be impossible for the rest of the plant to continue to grow and flourish.

Thankfully there is a possibility of cutting off the main stem and simply keeping that in water for at least a month or two. This will hopefully make small roots start appearing from the main stem of the plant. It might take some time before you start seeing something happening.

At first, you will see small white roots appearing. Make sure that there is a properly developed root system before you decide to try and repot the plant into the soil instead. This will probably be after about 1 – 2 months or so. Make sure to change the water in the container you are propagating in about every 2 – 3 days at least.

Once you have replanted the ZZ plant again into the soil, you should try and use some fertilizers to try and boost any of the first growth the plant will have. Make sure the soil is slightly damp as well to create the ideal growing environment.

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Large ZZ Plant In A Pot

Can You Replant A Broken ZZ Plant Stem

A broken ZZ plant stem can definitely be replanted and hopefully, you can save your plant and have it growing into its former self again. Make sure that you cut off the stem and place it in water as soon as you see the stem has broken.

The longer you wait the less likely the plant is to be able to grow and start developing new roots. It will take about 1 – 2 months or so at least before you start seeing any form of roots developing on the plant.

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Growing ZZ Plant Indoors

Can I Root A ZZ Stem In Water

You can definitely root a ZZ plant in just plain water. The plant is actually great for doing just this and propagating this way. It will take quite some time but is a great option if you want to continue the line of your ZZ plant.

Make sure that you change the water that you are propagating in about every 2 – 3 days at least. That will help keep away any form of bacteria growth and there will always be fresh nutrition for the roots.

ZZ Plant Growing Indoors