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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the difference between a peach and a plum. You might already think that you know some of the basic differences, like their look of them and the way they taste. But we are here to also shed some light on the similarities between the two.

They are both great options if you are a beginner that really wants to get into gardening and this whole wide and amazing world of growing your own plants. They don’t require a great deal of work, it is mostly upfront. We don’t count harvesting as work as that is just a great time and barely feels like you did anything.

Follow along and we will discuss even more about these amazing fruits that should become a staple in your garden.

Peaches Laying In The Sunlight

Peach And Plum Difference

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article there are some pretty clear differences between the two fruits. They are firstly widely different in color of them.

The peach has a lot more orange and pink color to it once it has ripened fully. The plum on the other hand has a much deeper purple color to it and a flavor profile that matches that as well with a tartness that is exclusive to the plum.

The peach has a much sweeter flavor as there is more natural fruit sugar in it that makes this possible. But like we said at the beginning of the article here, there are also some great similarities between the two. 

They actually grow pretty much at the same speed and require much of the same environments in order to flourish. Plenty of sun during the day and soil that is both healthy and well-watered will make these two fruit trees grow very fast.

They can both produce fruits about 2 – 3 years after being planted if you are lucky. But then you need to make sure the place they are growing is very sunny to encourage the development of fruits on the trees.

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Harvested Peaches In The Garden

Are Peaches A Type Of Plum

The peach tree is not a type of plum but instead a stone fruit. And is included in the almonds fruit family. In this family, the plum tree is also included. Therefore the peach and the plum tree has a few similarities.

The pit of the fruit is sort of similar, except for the shape perhaps of it. They have a very hard shell that needs to be cracked and planted in order for the fruit tree to be able to grow and sprout.

Since the peach tree and the plum tree and both stone fruits, this means that if you know you are allergic to peaches, the likelihood of being allergic to plums as well is rather high.

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Peach Tree Growing In The Garden

Are Peaches And Plums In The Same Family

Like we just mentioned above here, the peach tree and the plum tree are both in the same family. They are referred to as stone fruits and are both included in the almond fruit family.

In this family, the seed of the fruit sort of looks like an almond and often has a very bright pale color to it. This means that if you are allergic to one of them, then probably all stone fruits are included.

Peaches Laying Indoors