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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a peperomia stem might start to turn black. The most common reason for this is that the soil is way too overrated and the roots are currently rotting under the surface.

When the stem is starting to turn black, unfortunately, the process has very often gone way too far already. The plant is in its final few days of living. But we will in this article share a few tips that might just save it from turning back into the soil.

Follow along and we will learn even more about this amazing houseplant that is the peperomia. It’s becoming a more and more common plant in a lot of gardens, especially newer gardens.

Peperomia Plant Leaves Outdoors

Peperomia Black Stem

Like we already said at the beginning of the article here, the peperomia plant is one of those houseplants that don’t really need a lot of attention to survive but also to thrive still. 

But nonetheless, the plant is still very much susceptible to too much water in the soil. Like most plants, the roots need oxygen in order to survive and be able to drain nutrition and pass it onto the rest of the plant.

When there is too much water in the soil, this process gets very difficult as the oxygen gets blocked by the surplus of water present in the soil. The best fix for when this happens is finding a very sunny spot to keep the peperomia plant in. 

This will hopefully speed up the process of drying out the soil to a more appropriate level instead. But if left unchecked it can go the other way and the leaves might start curling from the very dry environment it suddenly got themselves into.

It’s a balancing act really with the peperomia plant, or any other plant for that matter really. Just make sure you keep the soil slightly damp to the touch and it will live a very happy life in your house. 

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Peperomia Plant Leaves In The Sun

Peperomia Stem Rot

When the stem is starting to rot on a peperomia plant then it’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t long until the entire plant turns into soil. The first thing to start rotting on a peperomia plant will be the root system. 

This happens when there is way too much water present in the soil. The lack of oxygen causes the roots to drown, and after that, they will begin to rot as well. We, therefore, need to act rather quickly to hopefully stop this process and have a happily growing peperomia plant still.

Looking at the soil is one of the more important things you could do. It shouldn’t be left to get wet. Instead, we aim for soil that is slightly damp to the touch. This means it’s not over-watered and there is still oxygen running through it.

Watering the soil about twice a week is normally the sweet spot. Even during the summer when the temperatures are way higher and the air might be drier.

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Peperomia Leaves In The Garden

Brown Spots On Peperomia Leaves

When there are brown spots start to appear on your peperomia plant, it normally means the soil is too dry. We, therefore, need to water the soil even more. The lack of water causes the plant to start stressing and makes it more susceptible to disease taking hold.

If you read the above parts here in the article, we revealed that the best texture on the soil will be slightly damp. This goes as well for a lot of other plants out there, and almost all houseplants.

Peperomia Plant Growing Outside