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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why the leaves might start to fall off from a peperomia plant. There are a variety of issues that might be the reason for this. But some of the more common ones are soil which is way too dry, causing the leaves to curl up and start drying.

But it can also be because of temperatures that are too cold for the plant. It is after all a plant that naturally likes to grow in warmer climates where the humidity is also kept pretty high.

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Peperomia Leaves Growing In The Sun

Peperomia Hope Leaves Falling Off

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the peperomia plant is one of those houseplants that can have a lot of issues, but for the most part, they are caused by the same thing. A lack of attention to the watering.

When the leaves are starting to fall off it’s often that they have already started to dry up a little bit. They will begin to do that when the soil is not watered enough during the day. This is thankfully something that is pretty easy to fix and mitigate from happening again.

But we also mentioned another reason that will cause the leaves of a peperomia plant to suddenly fall off, even though they might not have dried up before. It could be that the temperature has suddenly dropped a lot.

Keeping the plant outside can only really be done in places where there isn’t any snow during winter and the climate is very warm and humid all year long. Places like Florida would be perfect for example. 

But in colder environments, it can cause the plant to go into shock, and shedding leaves is one of the things that can happen then. So our recommendations will be to keep the plant indoors instead all year around if you are unsure about the temperatures outside during autumn and winter.

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Peperomia Leaves Growing In The Garden

Why Is My Peperomia Hope Dying

The reasons your peperomia plant is starting to die can be from a variety of things. The most common one is that it’s been way too overwatered or way too underwatered. 

These things cause the plant to go into stress. This stress makes the plant sometimes lose leaves or have a stem that is wilting. All things that will eventually make the plant die and turn back into the soil.

Our recommendations for keeping a happy peperomia plant is to make sure the plant has soil that is slightly damp and access to a lot of sunlight each day. These are the things that have proven to keep it happy indoors all year round.

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Peperomia Leaves In The Garden

Should I Cut Off Dead Leaves Peperomia

The dead leaves on your peperomia plant will unfortunately not be coming back. Once they have started to wilt they will continue to do so. So the best thing is often to just cut them off and have a fresh spot for new leaves to grow from.

Make sure that you try and cut the leaves as close as possible to where the main stem is. This will help encourage new leaves to grow out from there. With some luck and patience, you will hopefully have a peperomia plant that looks like it’s completely new from the store.

Peperomia Plant Growing Indoors