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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the spikes that will be appearing on your peperomia plant. These are perfectly normal and shouldn’t worry you at all. They are normally growing out in the wild because it makes it harder for birds and insects to get to the plant.

It acts as a form of protection, but for us, the plant also looks a lot more beautiful when the spikes start growing out. Even though the plant has some lovely-looking leaves the spikes are also a part of it.

Follow along in this article and we will be talking even more about caring for and growing peperomia plants at home. It’s for us one of the best ones for beginners to start out with. It grows quickly and rarely gets any form of disease or insects attacking it.

Peperomia Leaves In A Pot

Peperomia Flower Spikes

As we said at the beginning of the article here already, the peperomia plant will be growing out of spikes and it’s perfectly normal. So it shouldn’t worry you at all. Even though they might not have any spikes when you get the plant in the store. 

If you are worried there was something you did that made spikes start growing out from the plant then stop worrying. There really isn’t something specific that triggers the spikes to start growing out. 

In the wild, the spikes were really there for protecting the plant against both birds and insects from eating the plant or harming it in any way. But with time, these spikes will nonetheless start growing out.

As for caring for the plant, you need to make sure it has plenty of sunlight each day. Since you most likely will be growing it indoors then we recommend about 8 – 10 hours at least each day. 

As for the soil, we will strive to keep it slightly damp all the time. That seems to be the perfect state for growing it quickly and keeping the plant happy. Note that if you are keeping your plant in the sun a lot each day, then you will also need to water it a bit more as the sun makes the soil dry out quicker.

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Peperomia Leaves In The Garden

Why Does My Peperomia Have Spikes

There really isn’t any specific reason for your peperomia plant getting spikes. In the wild, the plant will grow these spikes naturally. For us, it’s just the way the plant will look eventually after starting to cultivate it. 

You don’t need to change anything about the way you have been caring about the plant beforehand. It will still need to have great soil to grow in that is rich in both nutrients and water. The plant will still need to get a lot of sunlight each day.

This amount of sunlight helps the plant perform something called photosynthesis. A vital process that generates energy for the plant, which then turns into it growing more and more.

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Peperomia Flower Leaves In The Sun

Do Peperomia Plants Get Flowers

Since the climate you are growing the plant in might not be nearly the same as if it’s growing in the wild, the chance of your peperomia starting to flower is very low.

In places like Florida where the temperature is very high and there is high humidity in the air, the chance for flowering will be higher. This is therefore the ideal climate that the peperomia will want to grow in.

Peperomia Flowering In The Garden