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Welcome to this article that will be talking about growing and caring for a purple jade plant. This isn’t really the most popular variety of jade plants out there perhaps, but it does grow really well in a lot of environments.

The plant will like any other have a spot where there is plenty of sunlight. This is in order so it can perform photosynthesis and keep growing. The plant will also appreciate soil that is very rich in nutrients and won’t poop a lot of water either. These are essentially the only steps you need to make sure are doing correctly.

Follow along in this article though and we will dive deeper into the world of growing jade plants. They are starting to gain traction more and more each year it seems. For good reason too, it’s one of the best houseplants to start out with if you’re beginning with gardening.

Flowering Jade Plant In The Sun

Purple Jade Plant

As we said at the beginning of the article here already, the purple jade plant is probably one of the easier houseplants to start out with. It has some pretty basic needs that you need to make sure you are getting right.

The first is about the plants’ need for sunlight each day. This goes more or less for every single houseplant, except for a few that require very little sunlight. But for the vast majority, they will want between 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. This is pretty easily achievable as well if you can place the plant in a south-facing window in your house.

The plant needs this amount of sunlight to make sure it can perform photosynthesis. A vital process that generates energy from the sunlight to the plant. This will then fuel the growth and make the plant generally have a healthier state.

The second point we mentioned was about the plants’ need for great soil. This is also just as important. The soil shouldn’t be too compact as the water might start pooling in the soil instead and cause the roots to start drawing. 

We recommend trying to keep the soil in a state where it’s slightly damp. This seems to be the best possible way to keep the plant happy and growing at a good pace. You are welcome to use some fertilizers as well in the soil. This helps boost the nutrition in the soil and can be especially useful when your plant is starting to get older.

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Flowering Jade Plant Outside

How Do You Take Care Of A Purple Jade Plant

Taking care of a purple jade plant is really easy, the same basic steps are basically necessary for all plants. It will need soil where it can get a lot of nutrition. That means the soil needs to be fertilized every now and again. 

The best way to do that is to fertilize the soil about every 4 weeks or so, and stick to that schedule. Overdoing it and the soil will instead be hostile towards the roots and you will see the plant start wilting instead.

The purple jade plant will also need plenty of sunlight each day. This is a vital part as it ensures that the plant isn’t getting a lack of energy that goes towards growing more and more.

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Small Jade Plant In Te Garden

Why Is My Jade Plant Purple

The reason for your jade plant’s big purple is pretty simple, it’s getting a lack of nutrition. There are some varieties of jade plants that are supposed to be purple, so make sure you aren’t mixing them up.

But a green jade plant turning purple is often a sign that there isn’t enough nutrition in the soil. We then recommend you try to use some fertilizers that are specialized in houseplants. This can more or less be found in all well-sorted gardening stores.

Jade Plant Growing In A Pot