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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing holes appear on your jade plant leaves. This is most likely caused by the plant being attacked by insects and rotting on the leaves.

This is thankfully often very treatable and fixable, we just need to act rather quickly and correctly. The jade plant is able to survive a lot of different conditions, but when the humidity gets too high and the soil might stay overwatered for too long, bad stuff can happen. It creates a great environment for mold to grow.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to talk about the great houseplant that is the jade plant. It’s one of the easier ones to start out with, which is why we often recommend it to beginners.

Green Jade Plant In The Sunlight

Jade Plant Holes In Leaves

Just like we said at the beginning of the article, the reason for a jade plant starting to have brown spots or holes in the leaves is because of mold and insects. When the plant stays in an environment where the soil is consistently overwatered and the humidity stays high, it’s the ideal condition for mold.

When it stays like that for too long these molds will quickly start to take a hold of the plant without any chance of slowing down. The only thing we can do is quickly change the environment the plant is growing.

By changing the environment to a more friendly one then we might be able to slow it down and save the jade plant. The ideal condition for it to grow in will be slightly humid air and a warm and stable temperature.

A pro tip is to cut off the leaves that are starting to have mold and brown spots developing on them. This will hopefully isolate the mold and keep it from spreading. The likelihood the mold has the time to spread if we do this is significantly lower, that is if we notice and act quickly on it as well of course.

Try to use some fertilizer for the soil as well after cutting leaves off. This will give a good boost to the plant and hopefully it will regrow rather quickly.

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Blue Jade Plant

How Do I Protect My Jade Plant From Bugs

To protect the plant from insects then you need to try and keep it healthy all the time basically. This will protect the plant from the more harmless and less impactful insects.

But if you want to really keep the jade plant safe from any form of stuff growing on it then you probably need to use pesticides. This is the only real way to properly protect it from any form of stuff growing on it.

With houseplants, it’s often said the pesticide if are meant for them. So look for that on the label if you go out to your local gardening store.

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Flowering Jade Plant

Why Does My Jade Plant Have Black Dots

When you start seeing black spots on your jade plant then the roots of the plant are starting to rot. The plant has been overwatered for a very long time and there isn’t enough oxygen able to reach the roots.

Because of that the roots will begin to drown and no longer will bring any nutritional value to the plant. They will begin to decompose and so will the rest of the plant, which is where the black spots are starting to appear.

Jade Plant Growing In The Sunlight