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The jade plant is actually able to be grown under artificial lights. But you need to know which type of lights are the best ones. There is a difference between them all, and they have different effects on the plant’s growth and look.

We should also mention that the best possible light for jade plants is just natural sunlight. This goes across the board for growing anything. You can’t beat the sunlight in terms of the nutrition and energy it provides for plants.

Follow along in the article below and we’ll talk even more in-depth about growing jade plants under artificial light. The thing with jade plants is that they are able to grow in a variety of different conditions, all while being a great option for beginners because of their hardiness.

Jade Plant Growing Outdoors

Jade Plant Artificial Light

As we have already said in the article here, the jade plant is able to be grown underneath artificial lights. But we also said that there is a difference between the lights that you are able to use. 

The best possible light would be cool-white bulbs. These provide the whole spectrum of lights for the plant. This gives the plant the option of performing photosynthesis without sunlight.

The process of photosynthesis is as you might be aware the process where the plant takes up the light it has access to in the leaves. This is processed into energy for the rest of the plant. This process is also what makes the plant have a green look thanks to the chlorophyll the plant gets from the light.

A plant that is a lot paler would be grown in a dark place instead. The lights make the plant a healthier look then. This is actually a great tip for you to be checking up on as it will help you see whether the plant is healthy or not.

A plant that isn’t getting a good amount of sunlight will have a spinner look and growth. Eventually, the plant will start falling over on itself since the plant is seeking and growing toward the light.

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Green Jade Plant In The Sun

Can Jade Grow Without Sunlight

A jade plant is able to be grown without any sunlight reaching the plant at all. The look and condition of it might be slightly different though. For the vast majority of plants, the best possible light they can get will be from the sun.

This is the healthiest option for the plants and what makes them grow steadier and quicker as well. But there is a possibility that the jade plant can grow without sunlight. We recommend using a cool white bulb then. 

That will provide the full spectrum of light for the plant. With this technique, the plant is still able to perform photosynthesis and continue to grow and flourish in the shadier parts of your house.

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Blue Jade Plant In The Garden

Can Jade Plants Survive In Indirect Light

Jade plants are able to be grown in indirect light without any issues. With that, we mean the plant isn’t sitting in a window and only getting sunlight for example. But the way the plant will look might be slightly off.

All plants will want direct light, which is why they will also grow toward it. So don’t be surprised if you see your jade plant starting to lean towards a light source if it’s kept in indirect light for a long time.

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