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Welcome to this article that will be discussing the possibility of growing jade plants in a hydroponic way. The fact of the matter is that this incredible houseplant possibly grows solely in water all the time.

There are however a few things you need to make sure you have under control while growing a jade plant this way. The first one is to change the water quite often. About every week or so will be required. 

Follow along in this article and we will continue to talk and learn about the wonderful plant that is the jade plant. Not only a great-looking decoration plant but also a great option for people who want to learn about gardening.

Flowering Jade Plant

Jade Plant Hydroponic

Just like we said at the beginning of the article, it is very possible to grow and care for a jade plant in a hydroponic way. This is a technique that is becoming more and more common these days. For some plants, it might even be a better option.

The look you can have with this is great. Being able to see the lovely roots in crystal clear water is a very cool look for a room as decoration. But this is also where the most important tip comes in, you need to change the water on a standing schedule.

At the very least you should change the water about every 2 weeks. But we highly recommend doing it every week instead. That way we can have way clearer water and a cleaner look.

The cleaner water also helps keep away a lot of harmful bacteria that might otherwise be present there. The jade plant will need to be grown in a pot with soil before being transplanted to only water. 

That way the plant has the time to properly grow out all the roots in the soil and let them be established. If you were to just grow a jade plant seed in pure water, it would drown rather quickly and you wouldn’t see any progression of growth.

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Green Jade Plant In The Small Garden

Is Jade Plant Can Grow In Water

Jade plants are one of the varieties of houseplants that are able to be grown in only water and have grown successfully as well. There are however a few things we need to care for just like any other plant. 

The first one is about the water the plant has. Since we are growing the plant in only water, that water needs to be changed rather often. We recommend changing the water about once a week. This will help keep it nice and clean all the time.

The second part is about the sunlight the plant is getting each day. We recommend trying to get about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. That will help ensure the plant has enough photosynthesis going to help it continue to grow and flourish.

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Green Jade Plant In The Garden

Can Jade Grow Roots In Water

The roots of a jade plant are able to grow only in water without any issues. But first, you will need to grow them in the soil first. This will help the roots grow safely and pretty quickly too.

After that, you can dig up and transplant the plant to a new pot with only water. If you want it as a decoration though, we recommend getting a see-through pot.

Small Blue Jade Plant Outdoors