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If you are seeing the tips of your spider plant starting to turn brown in color, then that is a rather serious issue really. The leaves are beginning to no longer be able to perform photosynthesis. This is a very serious issue if it’s left unchecked.

It’s often caused by there being too much sunlight reaching the leaves of the plant. That makes it a very good target for browning to start appearing. This can become an irreversible problem.

Follow along in the article below and we will talk even more about growing and caring for a spider plant. It’s one of the best options for beginners looking to get into gardening. It’s a hardy variety and very straightforward when growing it too.

Curly Spider Plant In A Pot

Spider Plant Brown Tips Trim

If you read the first part of the article here, you would know that the most common issue for browning leaves is a surplus in sunlight exposure. The plant needs about 8 – 10 hours each day in order to survive and thrive in its area.

But when that number starts reaching 12 hours instead and it stays like that for a long time then you will begin seeing issues. This can especially be a serious issue during the summer as plants are more prone to be affected by the increasing temperatures and sometimes lower or higher humidity, depending on where you are located.

If you are wondering if you should trim the leaves, we often advise against that as the leaves are still able to perform photosynthesis. It’s just that small brown part that is not.

We understand that the plant might not look very appealing anymore though. But that’s something you will have to take. If you still feel adamant about trimming the plant, then do one leaf at a time. 

This will help avoid causing stress to the plant which then just turns into more browning leaves instead. You will with patience once again have a beautiful spider plant at home.

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Is It OK To Trim A Spider Plant

It’s perfectly fine to trim a spider plant, but the amount is very important. You shouldn’t really trim away any more than one leaf at a time. That will help ensure the plant isn’t getting really stressed from the shift in environments it just had.

Trimming any plant causes stress and makes the plant less able to generate energy from the sunlight, as that was something the leaves were doing. 

But for safety, you could add some fertilizers to the soil to hopefully save the plant from a little bit of pain and stress. The added nutrients will help boost the health of the plant a small bit.

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How Often To Water Spider Plant

There isn’t really a set amount you need to water the spider plant. You need to just have a look at the soil beforehand. If the soil already is damp then the plant is fine for now. 

But a dry texture indicates the soil should be watered. This is best done in small amounts to help avoid the plant being overwatered and causing the roots to start dying.

Green Spider Plant Growing Indoors