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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why you might be seeing that your zebra plant is starting to look droopy. This can be a common issue during the summer as the temperatures are a lot higher and the humidity in the air might be swinging up and down a lot.

The cause for this is basically that the plant isn’t getting enough water and there is too much sunlight reaching the plant too. That creates a very hostile environment for the zebra plant to grow in, one in which it is not used at all.

Thankfully the zebra plant is rather resilient and a great option for beginners. In the article below we will be discussing more in-depth why this plant might be great for just you and how you can fix this simple issue of it looking droopy.

Zebra Plant In The Sun

Zebra Plant Droopy

The zebra plant will, like we said, start looking droopy when the plant is not getting enough water and there is way too much sunlight reaching the plant too. This is a pretty bad combination as the plant will quickly be tired resulting in the look it has right now.

For the greatest success when caring for a zebra plant, we recommend trying to have the soil slightly damp all the time. That seems to make for the best possible environment and growth too.

The zebra plant will with time get more and more resilient to these issues. As for the amount of sunlight the plant needs, try and limit it to about 8 – 10 hours each day. That seems to make for the best possible time.

The plant won’t be starting to get tired from a surplus, and it won’t stop growing from not getting enough either. The zebra plant is like we said a pretty hardy houseplant to keep at home.

Try to keep the soil slightly damp all the time and also use some fertilizers for it. That will help boost nutrition in the soil, which ends up helping the entire plant as the support it needs will now be covered.

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Zebra Plant Leaves In The Sun

How Do You Revive A Zebra Plant

Reviving a zebra plant is unfortunately not as easy as you might have hoped. The plant is generally a pretty hardy variety for home gardeners to keep. But there will always be a certain time when it can’t be saved.

Often that happens when it has been severely overwatered and the roots have all died out. But if it’s as simple as the plant just looking droopy then that is often fixable by just adding more water and fertilizer to the soil.

Keep an eye on the plant though, to really make sure you are seeing an improvement. Otherwise, it might not be worth trying more and getting a new one might save you a lot of headaches.

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Growing A Zebra Plant In A Pot

Why Is My Zebra Plant Sad

The reason your zebra plant might be sad or droopy is often that the plant is not getting enough water and sunlight each day. It can become a real issue as the plant no longer can function the way it should.

To avoid this happening, try to keep the soil slightly damp all the time. The amount of sunlight the plant needs each day is often no more than 8 – 10 hours really.

Zebra Plant Growing Indoors