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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why you might be seeing your zebra plant start losing leaves. The plant will have a hard time keeping them together if there is a lack of water and it’s something that keeps up for a long time too.

The plant needs soil that is slightly damp and kept fertilized about every 1 – 2 months. That will create the ideal climate for the plant to grow in. But if left in severe drought the leaves will dry out just like the roots have already done too.

Follow along in the article here below and we will talk even more about keeping and caring for a zebra plant. It might be one of the best options for beginners really, as the plant is rather hardy and resilient compared to other ones.

Large Zebra Plant In The Garden

Zebra Plant Losing Leaves

If you read the first part of this article then we already laid out the main reason for a zebra plant starting to lose leaves. The plant is living in a place where there isn’t enough water in the soil

This is a very serious issue and one of the basic steps that need to be covered when growing and caring for something at home. The soil should be kept slightly damp all the time to ensure the plant has the best possible growth.

If you are a beginner in the world of gardening then this might be an issue as it’s hard sometimes to judge whether or not the soil is watered correctly or not. So we often advise them that you should try and water in smaller quantities instead. 

This will ensure you aren’t overwatering too much causing the plant to just instead start dying as the roots are drowning from a lack of oxygen. 

If you are watering the plant as you are trying to revive it and prevent further leaves from starting to fall off then we have a small trick you can use. It would be to use some fertilizers for the soil. That will help boost the nutritional value of the soil quite rapidly.

Hopefully, if you are following the steps we laid out before here correctly then you will see an improvement in the health of your zebra plant. It’s a beautiful and decorative house plant and would be a shame to be left wilting down too much.

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Small Zebra Plant In The Sun

Will Leaves Grow Back On Zebra Plant

The leaves will eventually start growing back on your zebra plant. It’s a very hardy variety that won’t give up that easily. The plant needs a healthy environment however to grow in for this to happen though.

The soil should be well watered, meaning the texture is just slightly damp. The water shouldn’t pool on the surface. Using some fertilizer for the soil is also a great option. Consulting with your local gardening store is normally the best when choosing which fertilizer to use.

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Zebra Plant Leaves Indoors

How Often Should I Water My Zebra Plant

There isn’t a definitive answer to how much you need to water your zebra plant. It will all really revolve around how much water is currently present in the soil right now. If the soil already is slightly damp in texture, then it’s already perfect.

But if it’s looking dry you might need to add a small amount at a time in order for it to once again reach that ideal damp texture that we want.

Zebra Plant Growing In The Sun