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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing your zebra plant starting to die. This is a very serious issue of course and the reasons can be brought down to two main ones.

Either the plant is getting way too much water and the roots are drowning from it. But it could also be that the plant is getting too much sunlight. A very common issue during the summer is if you are keeping the plant outside.

Follow along in the article below here and we will continue the topic of growing and caring for a zebra plant. This is one of the best houseplants to have as a beginner in the world of gardening. It’s both resilient and hardy compared to other ones.

Small Zebra Plant Indoors

Zebra Plant Dying

As we already mentioned in the article here previously, there are two main reasons why a zebra plant might be starting to die. The most common one is that the plant is being really overwatered. An issue that often occurs with beginner gardeners.

The ideal texture for the plant to grow in is a damp one. But it also needs to be soil that isn’t pulling water and can actually let excess water through further down in the soil. 

The zebra plant is one that also will be very affected by the amount of sunlight it’s getting. If you can keep it between 8  – 10 hours each day then that will provide plenty of nutrition for the leaves.

But if the amount of sunlight starts going way above that number, then you will start seeing a diminishing effect on the plant. It will no longer be looking that good and you will risk the leaves turning brown.

Left unchecked and the plant will begin wilting rapidly. Brown leaves are no longer able to perform photosynthesis, which is a vital process that generates energy for the entire plant. Cut that part out and you can say goodbye to any further growth for the plant.

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Zebra Plant Growing Indoors

What Does An Overwatered Zebra Plant Look Like

A zebra plant that has been overwatered will have a very distinct look to it. The plant will begin to look black. As the roots have been overwatered, they have drowned from the excess water it’s getting. 

That then causes the rest of the plant to start rotting, just as the roots are currently doing too. This will be a very serious issue if left unsealed for too long. A trick you could try is finding a very sunny spot for the plant to stay in. That might dry out the soil enough to cause it to still live.

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Small Zebra Plant Indoors

Will Zebra Plant Leaves Grow Back

The leaves of your zebra plant will start growing back eventually. The plant is pretty resilient and will with time recover to what it once was. Perhaps not the brown leaves, so they might be better to simply cut off instead.

The combination of watering properly and using fertilizers about every 1 – 2 months will be the secret trick to ensuring you once again have a happily growing zebra plant.

Zebra Plant In The Sunlight