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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing yellow leaves on your zebra plant. This is unfortunately a pretty common issue during the summer when the temperatures are a lot higher and the sun is out more during the day.

This means we risk overexposure in terms of sunlight. After about 10 hours or so each day, you will begin to see a deterioration of the leaves as they are turning brown rather quickly. Those leaves are no longer able to generate any energy for the rest of the plant. 

If you would like to learn even more about this wonderful house plant then follow along in the article and we will discover even more about the zebra plant. It is despite what we mentioned a pretty hardy plant to keep at home and a great option for beginners too.

Flowering Zebra Plant Indoors

Zebra Plant Yellow Leaves

Just like we already mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the zebra plant will begin to have yellow leaves when the temperatures are reaching higher levels and it is not compensated by more water in the soil.

The leaves are basically beginning to be sunburnt and will afterward start wilting and turn brown. This can all be avoided rather easily though.

The plant should be placed in an area where the sun isn’t shining as much, as a shadier area basically. That could be both indoors or outdoors. The soil should also be checked.

If it’s really dry then that means we should try and water it a little bit more. The texture should be slightly damp in order for the zebra plant to be able to grow the best it can.

It should be noted that the leaves which are getting this drastic change in color need to be trimmed as well. It’s not always very likely that they will recover to the same beauty they had before. So getting rid of them will leave more space for new lovely leaves to come forth full of energy.

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Small Zebra Plant Indoors

How To Propagate Zebra Plant From Leaves

The leaves are not really that great to use for propagating from the zebra plant. Instead, you should try and get the leaves as well as some of the stalks and stems of the plant.

That will dramatically increase the likelihood of the offcut starting to grow in water. We recommend propagating and rooting it in water for about 1 – 2 months. Make sure you are changing the water at least every other day to ensure there aren’t any harmful bacteria growing in there.

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Zebra Plant Growing Outside

Why Is My Zebra Haworthia Turning Brown

If your zebra haworthia is turning brown then that is often an issue caused by the plant getting too much sunlight. The leaves can only handle so much. Once a limit is reached and passed the leaves will instead start wilting.

Turning brown in color is a part of this wilting process. Place the plant in a shadier area where it can hopefully recover a little bit.

Zebra Plant In The Sunlight