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Saving an overwatered zebra plant is unfortunately not that easy. The plant is known to be very hardy, but depending on how long the plant has been overwatered will determine whether it can be saved or not.

When the plant is overwatered the roots are starting to drown as the water blocks out any oxygen reaching them. That is hard to see before any changes start appearing above the soil. At that point, it’s often too late.

Follow along in the article and we will continue to talk and learn about the zebra plant. It’s one of the best houseplants for beginners, because of the simplicity and straightforward approach to growing it.

Zebra Plant In A Pot

How To Save An Overwatered Zebra Plant

As we have already mentioned here, the zebra plant is a very hardy houseplant to keep at home, but it’s not always that the plant is able to be saved. If the overwatering has been going on for too long then it will be difficult.

You will know it’s been going on for too long when the parts of the plant above the soil are starting to black. That means they are beginning to rot, just like the roots have already done.

But if you accidentally overwatered the plant and noticed it straight away then you can try placing it in a much sunnier area in your garden. But just do it for the day. If you keep it like this for a week or more you might begin to see brown leaves instead.

The soil will hopefully be able to dry out more quickly by doing it this way instead. We often use some fertilizers for the soil as well when we notice something like this happening. 

Using that will hopefully give a good boost to the plant so it can weather the storm and come out on the other side just as strongly. Just keep doing what you have been doing with plants is basically the best cure to save an overwatered zebra plant.

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Zebra Plant Growing In The Sun

Why Is My Zebra Plant Soggy

The reason your zebra plant is beginning to look soggy is often that it’s been very overwatered. This can be a common issue among beginners in the world of gardening. The plant prefers soil that is kept slightly damp.

That is ideal, and if we strive too far away from that we will begin to see a worse quality for the zebra plant. Thankfully it’s a houseplant that can survive these types of issues if we play our cards right. Make sure the plant gets more sunlight to hopefully dry out the soil a little bit extra.

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Zebra Plant Leaves Growing Outside

How To Repot Zebra Plant

Repotting a zebra plant is actually pretty easy. The first thing you should do is prepare the new pot with some soil in the bottom of it. Then you can carefully dig up the main zebra plant. 

Make a small well in the new soil and place it in the zebra plant. Cover the sides around it with soil and lightly pack it down. Water the soil in small amounts and then place it in a sunny spot for the day. All done!

Zebra Plant Growing Indoors