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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you could save your zebra plant from root rot. This is a very serious issue that can be rather common among home growers.

It’s caused by the plant experiencing a lot of overwatering and for a prolonged period too. This causes there to be a lack of oxygen in the soil as it’s blocked out by the water. The roots start drowning and eventually start rotting.

If you would like to learn more then this article will provide it for you. Below we share some of our best tips for preventing this and what you can do to save the plant once it has already happened.

Zebra Plant In The Sun

How To Save Zebra Plant From Root Rot

If you read the first part of this article then we mentioned that the zebra plant can have root rot start happening if there is a large excess of water in there, and it stays like that too.

The ideal condition for the soil to be in is slightly damp but also well nurtured. That means we need to add water in small amounts in order to prevent something like this from happening. 

Feeling that soil and looking at the soil is really what makes you understand what the plant needs. You will quickly see the effects of overdoing it on either end of the spectrum. Too much water and the plant turns black. Too little water and the plant starts wilting instead.

What can you then do once something like this has started to happen? Well, for us we need to have a proper look at the plant. Are there parts above the soil which are rotting? If it’s the case then the chance of saving the plant is significantly lower.

But if it’s not the case, then quickly find a sunnier spot for the plant. That will help dry out the soil more quickly and with some luck, you might just save your zebra plant after all.

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Why Is My Zebra Plant Rotting

Your zebra plant will begin to start rotting when there is too much water in the soil. That blocks out oxygen from reaching the roots and causes them to start drowning. It can happen rather quickly actually, which is why we stress people to water in smaller amounts instead.

If you have seen it starting to happen, then place the zebra plant in a sunnier area so the soil can hopefully dry out a little bit quicker. It is a gamble if it will work or not, however.

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How Do You Grow Zebra Roots Back

Getting the zebra plant’s roots to start growing back basically comes down to making sure the plant has the ideal soil to grow in. Make sure you aren’t overwatering the soil. Try and keep it slightly damp all the time for the best results

But using some fertilizers also will do some good. This shouldn’t be done more often than once every 1 or 2 months. Look closely at the stems and the leaves to see if you are seeing an improvement in the health of the plant.

Flowering Zebra Plant Indoors