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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing your zebra plant starting to turn red. This can actually be a rather common issue during the summer. As the sun is out more and more and the temperature rises, it really affects the zebra plant.

So the reason your zebra plant is turning red is because of too much sunlight. The plant will be sufficient with about 8 – 10 hours each day. If the plant is getting more than that and it keeps going is when you will start seeing this shift in the color of the plant.

Follow along in the article below and we will continue to learn about caring for and cultivating a zebra plant at home. It’s one of the more decorative house plants and thankfully a great option for beginners too.

Zebra Plant Leaves In The Sun

Zebra Plant Turning Red

If you read the beginning of this article here, we mentioned that the reason a zebra plant is turning red is because of too much sunlight each day. We recommend staying within 8 – 10 hours of sunlight if you are growing the plant indoors.

Outside that number goes down a little bit because of the higher concentration of sunlight outside. So keeping your plant safe and within the recommended amount will be very important, especially during the summer.

The solution to fixing this issue is to leave the plant in a shadier area for a while. That will hopefully result in the plant getting some rest and then being able to get the leaves back to what they used to be.

It’s the chlorophyll in the leaves which are disappearing when there is too much sunlight. As it’s going away, the leaves which have been turning red will no longer be able to perform something called photosynthesis

That’s a process where the plant takes up sunlight and then transforms that into energy for the rest of the plant. But the plant can only take so much in terms of sunlight before the plant starts getting sunburnt instead.

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Small Zebra Plant Growing In A Pot

Overwatered Zebra Plant

If you are overwatering your zebra plant then the roots will not be having a very good time. As there is too much water in the soil the roots aren’t able to take up any oxygen.

As the roots aren’t getting any oxygen they start drowning instead. This results in roots not being able to take up any nutrients and instead just rotting beneath the soil. If nothing is done then you will start seeing black spots above the soil pretty quickly. 

We recommend trying to find a sunny area where you can keep your zebra plant if this happens. Hopefully, the soil will be able to dry out a bit quicker.

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Flowering Zebra Plant Inside

Zebra Plant Leaves Turning Brown And Falling Off

If the leaves are turning brown on your zebra plant then that often means the plant is being overwatered. To counter this you should try and find a sunnier area where the soil can dry out more quickly.

Overwtared soil causes a lack of oxygen traveling through it. This will eventually result in roots not being able to drain any nutrients and pass that onto the rest of the plant.

Zebra Plant Growing Indoors