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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing the leaves of your spider plant start bending. This can often be caused by water issues. It could either be from too much water or too little water. Seems pretty difficult then to get it right. But it really isn’t.

The spider plant will grow best in the soil where it can have a lot of nutrition to drain via the roots. But the water content needs to be perfect, as we already mentioned. The texture should be slightly damp for the ideal condition. That will ensure you have a very happy spider plant growing at home.

Follow along below in the article and you will discover some of our best tips and tricks for cultivating spider plants. This variety is really not the most common one, but definitely a great option if you are a beginner.

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Spider Plant Leaves Bending

As we already mentioned in the article here, the spider plant will be seeing leaves starting to bend once there starts being watering issues that are also persistent. The roots will be stressed and cause the leaves to have this change in look.

If the soil is not watered enough then the roots will have a very hard time reaching any nutrients in the soil, as there aren’t really any. The roots will begin drying out and eventually dying. 

Once the roots have died no more nutrients will be coming along to the rest of the plant. That creates an imbalance in the size of the plant and the roots meant to provide energy for them.

But when the soil is being really overwatered then the roots will begin to drown. That also will eventually kill the roots causing them to be useless in terms of gathering nutrition and energy.

The surplus in water makes the roots have a very hard time getting oxygen. Lack of oxygen is what causes the roots to start drowning.

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How Do You Straighten Spider Plants

Making sure the spider plant has a great environment to grow in is what makes the leaves start to straighten out again. The plant is growing happily and is able to flourish without any stress.

You might ask them what the ideal environment is. The soil needs to be slightly damp all the time. That will ensure the roots always have plenty of nutrients and energy to pass along. 

But sunlight is also vital. The spider plant needs about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day in order to be able to continue to grow and prosper.

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How Do You Fix A Droopy Spider Plant

Droopy leaves are often caused by there being an imbalance in terms of watering for the plant. Make sure that you know the condition of the soil so you can assure that the plant is not growing in a harmful environment.

The soil should be slightly damp all the time but you can also use some fertilizer in order to boost the beneficial bacteria in the soil.

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