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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why the leaves might be starting to turn black in color on your spider plant. We need to mention early on that this is a serious issue that will kill the plant if nothing is done about it in time.

The roots of the plant have been really overwatered, which is why the plant is starting to look the way it does. As there is a surplus of water in the soil, the roots aren’t able to properly get oxygen. That will start drowning the roots which then shows as the plant turning black.

Below is the article, we will discuss and reveal some of the best tips and tricks we have for caring about a spider plant. A spider plant is a great option for a beginner in gardening for the straightforward approach to growing it.

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Spider Plant Leaves Turning Black

Like we already mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the spider plant will be starting to have black spots or leaves appear when there is a part of the plant rotting or dies. 

As the leaves are turning black the entire plant is basically decomposing. As you can guess this is a very serious issue. The most common cause for this is overwatering. As the soil gets way too much water there isn’t any oxygen able to pass through.

When there can’t any oxygen passing through the soil the roots will begin to drown. As you might be aware the roots are there in order for the entire plant to be able to get nutrients and energy.

When you cut off that lifeline and supply of energy, then the plant won’t be able to continue to grow. It doesn’t really take long for the plant to start wilting.

You might ask then what the solution might be to this issue. We have found that if this ever happens, then placing the plant in the sunniest spot you can find will help dry out the soil more quickly. If you are lucky that will help save some of the roots and perhaps the rest of the plant will be able to start growing once again.

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How Do I Know If My Spider Plant Is Dying

A good tell if your spider plant is starting to die is that the leaves are turning black or brown. That is something that often happens once the plant is getting too much water or way too much sunlight.

If there is too much water the roots aren’t able to get oxygen and nutrients. That will cause the plant to start turning black. if the plant is instead getting way too much sunlight for several days in a row then the leaves will turn brown.

Both these causes make the plant really stressed. A plant that is stressed for too long will die eventually. But thankfully the spider plant is really hardy compared to other house plants, making it a great option for beginners.

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How Do You Save A Dying Spider Plant

Saving a dying spider plant is probably a lot easier compared to other houseplants. The plant is pretty hardy. If the plant is turning black then you should place it in a sunnier spot. That will dry out the soil more quickly. 

But if the plant is turning brown, then find a shadier area instead, to help it recover a little bit. It might not recover the leaves fully, but the spider plant will most likely be able to continue to stay alive and produce new leaves instead.

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