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The spider plant will eventually start turning brown in the middle when the plant is getting a surplus of sunlight for a prolonged period. That will cause a lot of stress to the plant which then just turns into these brown spots.

If you are worried about the spider plant not being able to once again look as good as it used to then you have nothing to be scared about. The spider plant is probably one of the hardier houseplants out there. With some effort and good placement, you will have it back again.

Follow along in the article and we will continue to talk about the wonderful houseplant that is the spider plant. It’s a great option for beginners since it’s both hardy but also pretty easy to save if it’s starting to go south.

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Spider Plant Leaves Turning Brown In The Middle

As we mentioned in the article already, the spider plant will have these brown spots appearing when it’s getting too much sunlight for several days in a row without anything being done.

The ideal time for the spider plant to get sunlight is about 8 – 10 hours. Any less and you might be seeing the plant starting to turn leggy and have a bad structure. Caused by the plant stressing to get the necessary amount of sunlight each day.

But if you go on the other side and get the plant too much sunlight then that will cause the plant to start getting burnt. A very serious issue if nothing is done about it. The brown spots are more or less the sunburnt areas. 

The areas which have turned in color like this aren’t able to perform photosynthesis anymore, causing the plant to have a lifeline of energy just cut off. That makes the plant not able to support the growth that it’s meant to have.

To fix this issue then you should find a shadier area for the plant. That will give it some well-deserved rest but also the opportunity to repair some of the areas affected by the excess sunlight.

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How Do You Fix A Browning Spider Plant

Fixing a browning spider plant can be difficult, but it’s not as bad as if the plant would instead start to turn black. This brown change in color is caused by there being too much sunlight reaching the plant.

That causes the leaves to be sunburnt. Those areas are no longer able to take up the sunlight and they just become useless basically. To save the plant you need to find a shadier area. If the entire leaf has been browned then you might as well cut the leaf off and hope for another one to start growing out.

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Spider Plant Root Rot Signs

There are some really clear signs that the spider plant is rotting beneath the soil. The best one is looking at the color of the plant. If it’s starting to turn black then that will mean the plant is rotting.

To fix that you should find a very sunny area where the soil will hopefully dry out pretty quickly. With time and effort that might save the plant from rotting entirely.

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