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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might experience a sulfur flavor in some strawberries. It is actually not a flavor a lot of people are able to distinguish. The level of sulfur flavors has been proven to differ depending on the ripeness of the berry.

There is a difference between commercially grown strawberries and those grown more organically and outside. The commercial ones will most likely have pesticides on them which can help increase the flavor of sulfur you are experiencing.

Follow along in this article here and we will dive even deeper into this fantastic topic of growing and also consuming strawberries. They are a favorite here on GardesofMine and one we are passionately about talking about.

Fresh Strawberries In A Bowl

Strawberries Smell Like Sulfur

The smell and taste of sulfur from strawberries are often caused by them being grown in a commercial way. This is not the ideal way to do it which is what causes this discrepancy in flavor and makes for a rather appealing thing to eat.

The way the berry is grown is what will determine its flavor of it. This has been pretty widely confirmed. Something grown inside with LED lights will not have the same flavor concentration as something grown outside with the help of sunlight. 

But it can still be grown outside and taste weird. Most likely since it was grown at a large scale where the farmers were using pesticides to make sure there are not any diseases or insects attacking the plant which would hurt the harvest.

The best-flavored berries will always be those that are grown organically and in a place with plenty of sunlight to increase the level of photosynthesis happening. This creates energy for the plant which in turn makes for larger and tastier berries.

Commercially grown berries can never really get rid of the pesticides and chemicals present in them. Even if you wash them. So be aware that you are consuming chemicals that are not in your natural diet when buying non-organic strawberries.

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Is It Normal For Strawberries To Stink

It is not normal for strawberries to stink. It could be because they are starting to mold actually. The berries will have a small hollow center mostly and when a lot of air is traveling through here the risk for mold increases.

Strawberries are also notorious for starting to mold quickly too. They have a lot of sugars in them that these molds and diseases can start consuming and quickly spread because of. 

They are therefore best consumed as soon as possible. They also taste the best like that too. But if you need to wait while eating them, keep them cold in the refrigerator in a dry container. This minimizes the risk of anything unwanted starting to grow on them.

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Why Do My Strawberries Smell Like Chemicals

If you are buying non-organic strawberries then they will not smell like regular strawberries. They will have been sprayed with a lot of pesticides so that no diseases or insects are eating them.

But the effect becomes that the berries will smell and taste really weird. You are also consuming these pesticides as they can never really be rid of from the berries. Instead, we always say that buying organic strawberries is the way to go.

Fresh Strawberries In The Sunlight