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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether a lemon might contain more sugar than a strawberry. The fact of the matter is that it does contain more sugar actually. But still, we can’t eat it nearly the same way as a strawberry. The amount of citric acid in the lemon is just far higher.

In strawberries, the level of citric acid is a lot lower which means that the sweet flavor will be a lot more dominant. That’s why we are able to eat strawberries more than lemons. The acidity makes us squint and isn’t as appealing as the sweetness of a berry.

Follow along in this article and we will dive deeper into the flavor of the fruits. They are incredible in their own way and as you know have their unique places of use.

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Lemon Has More Sugar Than Strawberry

As we already revealed in the beginning, the lemon actually has more sugar in it than a strawberry has. But the difference in flavor is pretty significant. Lemon is incredibly acidic because of something called citric acid.

In lemons, there is no lack of that, and is the reason they are so acidic and makes you squint a little bit if you bite into one. But in a strawberry instead, the level of citric acid is a lot lower. That’s the reason we are able to eat a lot more of them compared to lemons. 

The flavor of the strawberry however can be a lot more acidic. But it will depend on the way it’s grown and also the time when you harvest them. An unripe strawberry will have a lot more citric acid in it as the fruit sugars haven’t had time to fully develop yet. 

But on a sunny day, the strawberry might also taste sweeter then if it was picked on a cloudy day. That is if you eat them pretty much straight away. The sugars in the fruit seem to be activated and more pronounced when there is warmth and sunlight present. 

With this information, we can actually decide what type of flavor we want in the strawberry. But for the most part, people will want to enjoy strawberries when they are at their sweetest.

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Is Strawberry Sweeter Than Lemon

A strawberry will have a much sweeter flavor than a lemon will have. But the level of sugar will be a lot higher in a lemon actually. But what makes the flavors more acidic in lemon is something called citric acid. We mentioned it here above.

Almost all berries and fruits will have this citric acid in them but the level of concentration changes between them, which then also changes the flavor pretty drastically as well. 

In strawberries, it’s pretty low so the natural fruit sugars will be a lot more noticeable than the acidity coming from the citric acid. An unripe fruit or berry will not have developed these sugars just yet so here the acidity will also be more noticeable.

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How Much Sugar Is In A Lemon Compared To A Strawberry

The lemon will have more sugars in it as we mentioned in the article above here, but the difference in flavor that you will experience will come from the level of citric acid instead. Something that’s present in basically all berries and fruits, or even some vegetables too.

We like to say that you can almost choose the level of sugar you want in strawberries. Let them get really dark red and ripe and you will get more fruit sugars. But as a comparison between lemons and strawberries, we find that strawberries have twice as many sugars as lemons. But they lack that citric acid instead.

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