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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the possibility of growing strawberries with LED lamps. The plant is actually able to be grown in this way without any issues. The only difference might be that the favor of the berries is not as concentrated as it could be.

The strawberry plants are able to be grown outside in plenty of sunlight but for those that want to be able to eat strawberries all year around then using LED lamps might be a great option. The nutrition of the berries is still there.

If you want to learn even more about this fantastic plant and the possibilities of growing it with LED lamps then follow along in this article right here. We share some of our best tips and tricks. 

Strawberry Plant In The Garden

Strawberry LED Grow

The strawberry plant is able to be grown indoors with the use of LED lamps. They are never really shut off so the plant basically is always producing photosynthesis to generate energy. This way companies and farms are able to grow strawberries indoors all year around.

But the flavor of them is not nearly the same as those grown outside during the summer when the sun is able to shine upon them all day. The concentration of flavor is lacking but at least the nutrients are still there. Plenty of vitamins without all the calories.

If you are growing the plant indoors then you also need to care for the amount of water that is present in the soil. If there is too much then the plant will simply not be able to survive. The roots will start rotting and eventually, the plant will start wilting and turn into a black small bush.

The ideal texture or condition for the strawberry plant is slightly damp. This way the plant is able to get the water it needs without the risk of withering or drying out either. It’s a fine balance but that’s also fun about growing strawberries too.

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Red Strawberries In The Sunlight

Can Strawberries Grow In LED Lights

As we said at the beginning of this article here, the strawberry plant is perfectly capable of being grown in an environment where the only light source it has is LED. The plant can use this to produce photosynthesis and therefore generates energy able to continually be used to grow and make berries.

But the tricky part of growing strawberries with LED lights is that the plant doesn’t get the same level of flavor as those that are available during the summer when the sun is shining on them and keeping them warm. The difference more or less comes from the artificial growing technique of LED lights. 

But like we said, if strawberries are something you want to keep in your diet all throughout the year then it’s a great thing companies are able to use LEDs. The nutrients and vitamins are still there but at the lack of flavor like we said.

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Fresh Strawberries In A Bowl

What Kind Of Light Do Strawberries Need To Grow

The best light for growing strawberries will always be from the sun. It’s unparalleled as the energy the plants are able to generate from it can’t be compared to LED. The flavors of the final product are also always going to be better. 

As for the amount of light, the plant needs it depends on the environment and the access it will get. During the summer the plant will want about 8 – 10 hours each day to be able to produce berries that are filled with flavor.

Strawberry Plant Growing Outside