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Welcome to this article that will be talking about growing both strawberries and asparagus together in the same bed. This might not seem like the most obvious choice for your garden. But the effect they have on each other is surprisingly great.

Asparagus is a perennial plant that will year after year produces a lot of harvest for you and your farm. The same goes for the strawberry plant. But the best part is that this small berry bush will spread. It can fill up the space between the asparagus plants and therefore maximizes the area we have.

They don’t steal nutrition from each other and instead work together. If this all sounds as exciting and interesting as it does to us, then follow along below and we will be discussing this even more in-depth about this topic.

Small Strawberries In The Sun

Strawberry And Asparagus Bed

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry and asparagus plants grow really great together. There are a variety of combinations in the garden you could have in terms of growing together. 

Strawberries and asparagus are one of those. But there are a few things we need to mention so you get off on the right foot when starting this project. Unfortunately, it’s pretty time-consuming. 

The asparagus plant should not be harvested until it has been growing in the same place for at least a few years. We tend to leave them for up to 3 – 4 years before the first harvest. By this point, it has had enough time to establish itself. Since it’s a perennial plant it needs this to have a steady growth path.

So if you have the patience for this then we can continue to the next step which would be to plant the strawberry plants. These can be spread out between the asparagus plants. They will with time start to spread and seek out whatever space is available for them.

The strawberry plant is a plant that is perennial and will start settling in pretty quickly and with time spread roots and seeds to new places. But the way it grows works really well with the asparagus plant. The roots aren’t growing as deep as the asparagus so they aren’t competing against each other for nutrition or water.

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Strawberries Harvested Outdoors

Can You Plant Asparagus With Strawberry

You can absolutely plant asparagus and strawberries next to each other, just like we explained in the part above here. They thrive next to each other as they are both perennial plants that won’t steal nutrition.

The strawberry plant doesn’t have deep roots like the asparagus plant. But the tricky or most difficult part might be waiting for the asparagus plant to finally settle in after being planted. Something that normally takes up to 3 – 4 years. But with patience, you will be rewarded as the size and the quality of the vegetable will be incredible.

As for caring for both plants, we need to ensure the soil never dries out too much. That would cause a lot of stress and small harvests as the plants are instead trying to just survive and scavenge whatever nutrition they might get. But overwatering will instead cause rot and make the plants start rotting instead.

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Strawberries Laying Outside

What Is The Best Companion Plant For Strawberries

Even though both asparagus and strawberries can grow really great together, there are other great companion plants for the strawberry. These are normally herbs actually.

Since they are also perennial they can grow in harmony together as they seek different nutrition. Herbs like dill, borage, chives, or even coriander are great to keep next to strawberry plants. On top of growing great together, they will also look beautiful together as they start flowering and harvesting season finally comes around.

Strawberry Plant In The Garden