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Welcome to this post that will be discussing whether or not it might be a good idea to be eating strawberries right after having wisdom teeth removed. It is actually recommended that you try and avoid any fruit with a lot of seeds in them.

That includes things like strawberries of course, but also blackberries and raspberries. The seeds are hard to chew and very crunchy, so to not cause any unnecessary pain to yourself, avoid these berries.

Follow along in this article and we will dive even deeper into what you could eat and why the strawberry might be a really bad choice in your diet after surgery.

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Can You Eat Strawberries After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, eating strawberries after having wisdom teeth removed is not the best idea. The strawberry has plenty of small seeds all over the berry. These are really crunchy and can be hard to consume if you have had surgery in your mouth. 

The seeds can cause pain as you try to chew them. Therefore it is recommended to try and hold off any intake of berries whatsoever. Well, maybe if it’s in a pure form where it’s completely liquid

Other berries such as blackberries and raspberries are also to be avoided. They have even larger seeds that could cause irritation to the area. You might ask then what the time is for waiting until you finally can start eating some berries again.

Well, the professionals usually say about 1 week for the affected area to start healing and for any potential irritation to go down. But if you are uncertain, then you should talk to your dentist. They are after all the professionals in this area and will have the best idea of what the timeline might be for eating berries again.

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Can I Drink A Strawberry Smoothie After A Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you read the segment right above here, then we revealed that one of the ways to consume berries after oral surgery is in the shape of a smoothie. But you might want to strain the liquid as well. 

That will ensure that there are no small seeds that might get stuck and you could accidentally chew on. The seeds can be really annoying since they are so hard and after surgery, it could be especially painful. 

If you make a smoothie you could ice the smoothie just a few minutes extra to hopefully break those seeds down a little bit more. We recommend not drinking a smoothie that is really cold. Might cause some pain in the area where the teeth used to be.

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Can I Eat Raspberries After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Eating raspberries after wisdom teeth removal might not be the best idea. The berry has a lot of small seeds that will be a crunchy and painful surprise if you decide to eat some.

It is therefore often recommended instead that you wait a week or even two until you start eating berries again that have large seeds in them, such as blackberries or even gooseberries.

But if you read the above part of this article then you would know that the best way to consume these berries after oral surgery would be in a liquid form. We love to make smoothies at home, and it just so happens to be that smoothies are the best ways to get your berry intake after a teeth removal.

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