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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a rubber tree plant might be starting to turn black. It’s often caused by the soil that is growing being severely overwatered. This can actually be seen across most plants in terms of the way it’s growing. If it’s turning black there is too much water present.

Keeping it moderate really is the key when growing a rubber tree. The soil should never really be anything more than damp. That just otherwise seems to have a diminishing effect on the health of the plant.

Below is the next segment, we will dive deeper into what it means to care for and grow a rubber tree at home. It’s not the most common variety out there. It is however a great option for beginners since it’s fairly easy to start cultivating.

Rubber Plant In A Pot

Rubber Tree Plant Turning Black

If you read the first segment here in the article then we mentioned that the rubber tree really won’t do very well in a condition where there is a large amount of water in the soil. It will cause a lot of issues for the roots of the plant. 

Instead, we should try to keep the soil slightly damp instead. That has proven to be the best possible way that the plant can grow. It won’t cause stress as oxygen is still able to pass through the soil.

Something that happens when there are large amounts of water in the soil is that oxygen can pass through. That then makes for a very hostile environment for the roots.

As the roots aren’t able to get the necessary amount of oxygen they will begin to start decompose after they have drowned. Sounds very dramatic but that is what is going on below the surface. 

When the roots are dying there aren’t any nutrients able to pass on to the rest of the plant anymore. That causes the parts above to turn black as they are also decomposing.

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Why Is My Rubber Plant Turning Black

As we said before here, a plant turning black is often caused by it not getting any oxygen from the soil. The reason for there not being any oxygen in the soil is that there is water blocking it out.

It really doesn’t take long until you start seeing the effect of this on the rest of the plant as it begins to turn black and decompose. The same goes for the rubber plant. It might be a pretty resilient plant in general but something like a lack of oxygen will still have a pretty severe effect on the plant.

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Rubber Plant In A Pot

How Do You Revive A Dying Rubber Plant

A dying rubber plant is often one that has been overwatered. The roots have died because they couldn’t get any oxygen and the rest of the plant is now decomposing. The only thing you could do is move the plant to a sunnier place.

That will hopefully start to dry out the soil slightly. If you are lucky you can dry out the soil and perhaps save some of the roots before all of them are gone. With time and care you might have your rubber plant saved.

Green Rubber Plant In The Sunlight