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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the smell of strawberries. This is one of the most popular berries out there and in some parts of the US, it’s a major industry cultivating them. Take California for example, here a majority of the country’s strawberries are being grown.

The warm climate and relatively dry humidity help make for a great growing condition. The reason for mentioning this area is for the smell of the strawberries here. They are grown in the best place and will show off wonderful red ripe and rich aromas.

Follow along in the article below and we will continue to talk about the wonderful plant that is the strawberry plant. It’s an incredibly popular berry that more and more people are starting to grow at home.

Fresh Strawberries

What Is The Smell Of Strawberry

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry aroma is rich and ripe fruits. Take peach for example. That fruit has a really ripe and sweet aroma to it that is so appreciated by a lot of people. 

The strawberry has a really red color to it when it’s ripe, almost tomato-like. The riper it gets the redder the color becomes. The concentration of the berry goes deeper and deeper the more the berry gets ripe.

When the berry is able to grow in the best possible environment then we can really explore and discover the real aromas that the strawberry offers. It’s important to learn this since you will hopefully be growing some at home one day.

You might know the flavor of the berry already, but knowing the aroma is also great. The berries however that have been picked and then cooled down to refrigerator temperature, however, will never have the same intense aroma as those picked strong from the plant and still warm from the sun.

As for the rest of the plant, the green parts smell almost like asparagus. It has an almost bitter flavor to it if you were to eat it. The smell is much much more enjoyable. Rubbing some leaves between your hands will release even more flavor.

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Strawberry Plant In The Sunlight

Do Strawberries Have An Aroma

Strawberries definitely have an aroma to them. They are really aromatic when they are really newly picked and still warm from the sun. That are the most delicious and aromatic strawberries you will ever get your hands on.

If you want to try something interesting then grab a few leaves from the strawberry plant and rub that between your hands. That will release the essential oils that are trapped there. The aroma here is really green and reminds us of asparagus almost.

The aroma of strawberries is similar to raspberries. Ripe red berries with an almost peach note to it are what we would describe the strawberry as.

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Strawberry Plant In The Garden

What Do Berries Smell Like

The smell of berries will differ a lot depending on which type of berry you have. We often divide them into red and dark berries. Red berries like raspberries and strawberries are often described as sweeter in aroma.

As for darker berries like blackcurrants and blackberries the aroma is tarter. Almost more aromatic and perfumed instead.

Strawberries In The Sunlight