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Welcome to this article that will be talking about growing and caring for strawberries under artificial light. This is one of the less common ways to grow strawberries actually. The berry bush really is able to just be grown in regular sunlight without any issues at all.

The strawberry plant is one of the hardier plants we have in terms of berry bushes. It will require more or less just 8 hours of sunlight each day and soil which is very healthy and full of nutrients

Follow along in this article though and we will continue to talk and learn about the amazing thing of growing strawberries indoors instead. The plant will want great lightning and can thanks to this artificial light basically grow all year around.

Ripe Strawberries Outdoors

Growing Strawberries Under Artificial Light

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, growing strawberries underneath artificial light is not the most common way of going about doing it. The plant can without any issues for the most part just be left outside all year long and still prosper.

Doing it indoors under artificial light is a new thing that has come up in recent years instead. We find that the plant then instead will need a bigger focus on getting the right light.

It’s hard to replace natural sunlight. The best we can do is use cool white bulbs instead. That will help provide the full spectrum of colors for the strawberry plant. Without that the plant would be lost and grow very poorly.

As we said, the quality of the light that the plant is getting is important. We should note that in order for the plant to grow and produce strawberries it needs to be pollinated. That can only happen when insects travel back and forth from the flowers of strawberries.

We therefore should really consider trying to keep the plant outside in order to pollinate the flower and get strawberries later. After being pollinated we can again move the plant back indoors underneath artificial light.

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Fresh Strawberries In The Garden

Can I Grow Strawberries Indoors

You can definitely grow strawberries indoors. The plant will require a good source of lightning as we have mentioned in the segment above here. But make sure you are also keeping the soil healthy.

It should be fertilized about every 2 months or so to keep a constant supply of nutrition for the roots to take from. But keeping the soil slightly damp all the time will also be very important. That seems to be the ideal condition for the strawberry plant to grow in.

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Strawberry Plant In The Sun

What Kind Of Light Do Strawberry Plants Need

Strawberry plants or any plant for that matter will grow the best if they are kept in an environment where they can get natural sunlight all the time. That will help the plant be able to perform photosynthesis which makes the plant able to generate energy which turns into growth.

For the ideal sunlight amount every day, we will try and aim for 8 – 10 hours each day. Any less and you might see a decrease in both flowers starting to grow and also the size of the strawberries.

Given all that, the strawberry plant will basically be fine if you just leave it outside on freeland in your garden all year around. When autumn comes around the plant will just start wilting a little bit. But fear not, it will come back strong the next year again.

Strawberry Plant In The Garden