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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why there might be some hair on the strawberries. There really isn’t anything dangerous when you see there is hair on the berry. It’s just the way some of them are growing and looking.

Now, it should be said that there is a possibility that that hair instead is mold starting to grow since that will sometimes look slightly the same. For the most part, the hair will grow on berries that are female. Which is a pretty fascinating fact.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn about strawberries and what makes them grow the way they do. It’s one of the most cultivated berries in the US, and places like California are great at growing and exporting them. But home growers are seeing the opportunity for growing their own instead.

Small Strawberry Plant

Why Do Strawberries Have Hair

As we said in the beginning segment of this article here, the strawberry plant will have hair on it since it’s a female version of the plant. This makes it completely harmless to eat. 

But like we also said, there is a possibility that those hairs are the start to mold growing on the berry. That will more or less have the same look in the very beginning.

But to not waste any berries it might actually be better to wait for that to develop so we are sure it’s actually mold and not just the way the strawberry will look. It’s a terrible shame if we were to waste any berries after they have ripened during the whole summer season.

If is mold growing on it, however, then that needs to be avoided at all cost. The mold will show up as small hairs growing on there, but also as black spots and white spots will begin to develop. That’s a very dangerous mold. These strawberries are best to just discard as soon as possible

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Red Strawberries In The Garden

Why Don’t We Eat The Tops Of Strawberries

The green part of a strawberry is not really that tasty. That part has a much more green flavor and bitterness too. This is the main reason we try to avoid eating any of that part of the strawberry when we harvest them.

There are also some small white parts at the top of the strawberry, which are connected to the other main plant. That also has a different flavor than the rest of the berries.

It’s blander and if you want to have solely the strawberry flavor then removing that part might be worth it actually. It should be mentioned that this part of the strawberry is in no way bad to eat at. 

There is actually not any part of the strawberry plant which is toxic or harmful to the body. But as we said, there is a difference in the flavor depending on which part of the plant you are trying. The leaves will have a bitter flavor and the berries will be very sweet if you manage to pick them at the peak.

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Fresh Strawberries In The Sun

Is It Okay To Eat Strawberry Seeds

The seeds of the strawberry plant are actually nuts. So if you are allergic to nuts, then avoiding strawberries altogether is probably a good idea. But given that, there are plenty of people eating strawberries who otherwise show allergic reactions to nuts.

The nuts in themselves do not contain any bad stuff. They are rich in nutrients like vitamins and some good fats as well. There isn’t a large amount of fruit sugar in them as that is found in the berry instead.

Strawberry Plant In The Garden