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Thyme Sprig In The Garden

Welcome to this post where we will talk about what thyme actually tastes like. There are a variety of different thyme out there and all of them are different flavors. But the most common thyme will have a very strong herbal aroma when it’s fresh. It will be similar to grass with wood but also a nice floral note to it. This is one of the best herbs we know and we use it almost everyday.

As the herb is dried these flavors are intensified further but the fresh thyme is also fantastic to use. Those looking for a citrus not in their thyme will have lemon thyme as a favorite. It’s a fantastic variety of thyme that fits many different uses. Follow along below and we will discuss even more about the flavors and aromas of thyme.

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Thyme Flowering In The Sun

What Thyme Tastes Like

The taste of thyme is often described as being very herbal, might sound cliche as it’s a culinary herb, but that’s beside the point. The aromatics are often what makes thyme the favorite among so many people. We particularly enjoy the floral flavor that you can also get with thyme leaves. They fit perfectly sprinkled on top of a salad or butter fried steak.

In short you can conclude the flavor of thyme as very aromatic with notes of both grass and wood but with a nice florality to it as well. This is the reason it’s such a staple part of a lot of kitchen and can’t really be replaced by anything.

But there are other thyme varieties as well that have some great flavor and qualities to them. The first one that comes to mind is lemon thyme. This is a fantastic aromatic herb that actually does taste a lot like lemon. We find that pairing this with both fish and some lighter poultry are a match made in heaven. The intesen aromatics you get from using it is just amazing.

Thyme Bush Growing Outdoors

Does Thyme Taste Bitter

Thyme can taste bitter but this is often because the plant has gotten too old. The young and fresh sprigs of thyme will instead be very aromatic and slightly sweet. If your thyme sprigs have a bark around the stem on them then they might taste bitter.

But using them in a soup is perfectly fine. We find that the bitter notes go away when you cook it. This way you don’t have to throw any away and can fully enjoy the wonders of growing thyme and making the most of it.

Does Thyme Taste Like Rosemary

Thyme will not taste like rosemary. They can be used for a lot of similar things but rosemary will be a lot more aromatic generally speaking. Thyme is like we said sweeter because of the floral notes that you can find in it. But some other factors are the slightly woody flavor that can arise. Not really a bad thing, just a very specific thing to them.

The flavor of rosemary is often recognized by the intense aromas that will come from it. As you rub it you will feel the natural oils come forth and make the whole room smell.

Let’s summarize the post here a little bit again. The flavor of thyme is for us made up of nice aromas like grass and wood. On top of this you also find a lot of floral flavors that help lift any dish that you choose to use thyme with.

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Thyme Flowering In The Garden

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