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Welcome to this post about the best place to grow peaches. In the US some of these places are California, South Carolina, and New Jersey. The main thing these places have in common is warm temperatures during the summer. Not just warm but scorching hot during some weeks.

This makes the peaches able to ripen very quickly and efficiently. But if you don’t live in any of these places don’t stress, peaches are a fruit tree that can perfectly grow in cooler places as well. In this article, we will talk more in-depth about where you can place your peach tree for the best success.

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Peach Tree Growing Outside

Where Do Peaches Grow Best

The best places to grow peaches are generally speaking places that see a very high or at least above-average temperature. In the US, some of the best places to grow are California, South Carolina, and New Jersey. Compared to a lot of other states these places do see higher temperatures. What this does the most is help the fruit to ripen very quickly and often tastes sweeter. But it also of course helps the tree be in its favorite type of environment.

But that being said, you can of course plant a peach tree even if you don’t live in these parts of the world. Places like New York that even can get quite a lot of snow during the winter will be fine for growing peaches. Just make sure you place the tree in a spot where it can get a lot of suns. We always recommend reserving the sunniest spot for fruit trees and especially peaches. The best peaches are the ones that are fully ripened from the sun and still a bit warm. Still having some slight acidity in them. For us, these can only be found in places with slightly cooler temperatures.

What else should you be looking for when planting a peach tree at home? The first thing that comes to mind is the soil. Peach is a tree that can manage just fine in soil that is relatively dry and sandy. Probably is the best one actually to get the most flavor in the fruit. But if you want the tree to be growing very fast then well-drained soil that is also kept healthy is key.

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Fertilizing the soil can be a very good idea to do. We often recommend doing it about 3 – 4 times a year for most herbs. You can stick with the same number for trees as well. But it shouldn’t really be done after your peach tree is older than 5 years. At this point, it should be able to find nutrition by itself without any supplements.

Peach Tree Growing Outdoors

What Climate Is Good For Peaches?

It has been established that the best possible climate for peaches is one that gets between 600 – 900 hours of 45 degrees during the winter. Might be hard to find such a place but this is of course also where the most peaches are planted. During the summer it will be very happy in a climate that reaches around 75 degrees. That should be easier to get right where you live.

Fear not with these numbers, however. They are guidelines for what the best possibility could be. Maybe growing in northern Canada is off limits but that’s the extreme side.

Let’s reiterate again what we have been talking about here. In the US some of the best places to grow peaches are in California and South Carolina with New Jersey being in there as well. These are relatively warm temperatures making it easier to fully ripen the fruits.

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Peach Tree Growing Outside