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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a stem on the cactus might be fleshy. The simple answer is that the stem will be storing water that it has gathered from the ground.

In the stem, there will be another stem going down the middle. Here the excess water gets stored and will after some time and when necessary get dispersed throughout the entire plant.

Follow along here and we will together learn even more about this fantastic houseplant that is the cactus. One of our favorites when it comes to beginner-friendly plants.

Flowering Cactus Plant Outside

Why Is The Stem Of a Cactus Fleshy

We sort of revealed the answers in the beginning already on why the stem will be fleshy on a cactus plant. The answer is simply put that it will store water in here. That is a vital process or part of the survival of a cactus plant.

Since the plant normally grows in places where access to water is very limited. This is the way it has developed to make the most of the area it’s growing in. By collecting water from both the ground and clouds when it finally rains.

The way the plant is collecting the water really is fascinating. It will of course do it via the roots. The shallow roots along the surface will collect rainwater. But the deeper and longer main root that goes straight down will supply water from storage deep underground.

What we find the most fascinating is the thorns. These actually also collect water for the plant. They are technically a dead part of the plant. But they will be collecting the water that is condensing from the ground when the weather is very hot. 

This is one of the ways the cactus plant has managed to adapt to the climate and environment it’s growing. Making the most and above all, also thriving in such a harsh place.

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Flowering Cactus Plant

What Is The Function Of The Cactus Large Fleshy Stem

The function of the large stem on the cactus is very important. It’s the reason it’s even able to grow in a place like a desert. It will actually store water in the stem. Whenever it needs to it will then disperse this water throughout the plant.

There really are not a lot of other plants that we could compare this to and see the same function, or at least not to the same success. The cactus plant really is unique and has a category of its own.

Knowing that the stem is the part where there’s a lot of water stored, we also need to be careful about not harming this area of the plant. Some people want to trim or cut down the plant sometimes, but the effect this has is very bad for the plant.

Leaving the past instead is the best route to take as it is such a low-maintenance house plant that will manage fine on its own. Make sure it gets adequate amounts of sun and also the water of course.

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Cactus Growing Inside

Why Is The Stem Of A Cactus Spongy And Green

We have covered this topic a little bit already in this article here. The reason for the fleshy texture and the green appearance of a cactus plant is that it stores water. The main stem is where it will be located.

So making sure you don’t harm the plant in any way here is very important. Otherwise, you might risk ruining the water it has collected over many many months. But since you are growing and supplying the plant yourself it might not be an issue. 

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot